Inlay with Pearl Drops- Decor Panels

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DT Vaishali on the blog today.  Hope all are crafting great. In my post today, I have two decor panels using Little Birdie Pearl Drops, in two different ways. The panels make beautiful gifts for special occasions. Have a look!

Let’s get started with the step wise procedure of the panels.

I have used plain  MDF panels of size 8 x 6 inches as my base. A size that’s good to hang and display on an easel as well. You can use canvas too, instead of MDF. Wanted to add some interest and dimension to the plain rectangular panels. To do so, I have adhered craft brown paper cylinder on one of the ends, using silicon glue. Next, I covered the assembly using white gesso.

Gesso acts as a primer for further work and also provides white base for napkin decoupage, that I plan to do.

Tip- Always cover the base with white gesso or white chalk paint before doing napkin decoupage,  irrespective of the napkin colour. Even a darker colour napkin gets enhanced when adhered on a white/ lighter colour base.

Having added the required dimension with the craft brown paper cylinders, I decided to add some texture using the recently launched Stone Texture Paste. The product is simply amazing and gives a wonderful natural effect as it dries. It adheres permanently after drying. I applied Stone Texture Paste – Apple Mint with a palette knife  on the paper cylinders to get a stone moulding look.

The Stone Texture Paste is available in 6 different colours and is a must try product for a grungy, pumice stone like look in your projects. The natural sand grains in the paste are a treat to eyes and can be further highlighted.   The paste works great on almost all surfaces.

Close up of the Stone Texture Paste…love it !!!

Now, it was time to decoupage the napkins. For one of the panels, I have used a napkin with a greenish shade from my stash that complimented the Stone Texture Paste’s colour. For another panel, have just used the quote part from one of the napkins.

Tip- Always hand tear the napkin for a natural blended look. 

I adhered the napkin using the Deco Magic decoupage glue. It works great for both decoupage papers and napkins. Decoupage glue is used to adhere the napkin and is also applied as a top coat over the napkin to seal it. The glue also protects the napkin from yellowing.

This is how the two panels looked after decoupage….

In the above panel, have coloured the areas around the napkin with chalk paint Fortune Cookie after decoupage. Have also applied the same chalk paint on the Stone Texture Paste. In the panel below, I have kept the Stone Texture Paste natural as it is.

Now coming to the panel with Love quote- After decoupage and applying chalk paint in the background area, the next step was stenciling. I have done some multi colour stenciling with chalk paints, using a stencil brush. Love the yellow criss-cross line work seen after stenciling.

TipAlways use stencil brush for crisp stencil effect. The brush should be absolutely dry and do not add any water to the paints also. This will prevent the paint from seeping through the stencil.

The paper cylinders, being hollow, worked great to pass a cotton thread through it, creating more interesting dimensions.

Having done the rope and twine work, it was time to use the wonderful Pearl Drops. I have added the drops at the joints of criss-cross lines. The colour which I chose for this was- Gray Sky. The pearl Drops work as fantastic embellishments. They added so much depth and uniqueness to the panel !!!

Have further embellished with some pretty, white vellum flowers. Do check out this delicate range of vellum flowers in various colours , sizes and shapes. They are gorgeous !!

The perching bird on the base of sisal fiber, wooden peg to clip a message, twisted rope work and beautiful Pearl Drops, completed this panel. Here’s the final look.

Coming to the next panel – with the natural stone colour and the design in the  napkin, one thing that instantly came to my mind was carved jali (trellis) and inlay work. To give the  carved jali look, I decided to use the Moroccan  design primed  chipboard. Painted it with Tinted Metallic Paint – Golden Glaze and adhered it to the panel using silicon glue. Love the shine of the metallic paint.

Passed a black and white twine through the paper cylinder to create a hanging. Also passed another cotton rope through the cylinder to create a border around the panel as seen below.

To do the inlay work, I have used the Pearl Drops. Filled the gaps, created by the chipboard shape, with 4 colours of Pearl Drops. The effect was very unique.

It  looked like stones embedded into the carved jali (trellis). And here’s the final look of the second panel –

Some close ups –

Painted the white rope with golden metallic paint.

The beautiful, greenish  stone effect, created with Stone Texture Paste Apple Mint was further highlighted with golden metallic paint.

The panel says – Seize Today !!!  Seize The Magic of Pearl Drops.

Pearl Drops are available in 20 pretty colours. Use them to create beautiful 3D pearls,  for filling and colouring or in your own unique way!! They work on almost all surfaces. Can also be used on a non stick sheet, removed after drying and stored for later use as embellishments. They are water resistant after drying.

Also added some gray Pearl Drops randomly on the decoupaged napkin area. Finally have given a coat of decor varnish glossy on both the panels for added protection. Did not apply varnish over the Pearl Drop inlay area, as its not required.

Hope you liked the two panels with Pearl Drops. Looking forward to your beautiful  creations. Do play along the current month’s Blog Challenge, where it’s all about creating and sharing your unique projects with the beautiful Little Birdie Pearl Drops.

Happy Crafting

Create, Express, Enjoy !!!l

Vaishali Khandwala

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