Horseshoe Wall Decor with Glitter Fabric Feathers

Hi Creative people, Sumedha here,

Hope you all are doing great and are motivated enough to try out new things each week inspired by the projects created by the Itsy Bitsy DT team.

Today I will show you how you can make your own glitter fabric feathers  and use them as embellishments for your boho decor or dream catchers.  Here I have used them to embellish a horseshoe that was lying in my stash. Lets begin.

I had an old linen pant which I was not using any more.

I cut the shape of a leaf out of the cloth as shown below and added a flower making wire with the help of silicon glue.

I  gave several slits to the leaf with the help of scissors

At the back I added a jute twine again with the help of silicon glue to cover the wire.

I frayed the edges  with my hands to give it a natural tattered look.

Next, was the fun part- coloring with fabric paint. Since I was experimenting I added a chalk paint on the fabric first (Blue Spa) and dried it with a heat gun. Then on top of it I added a generous layer of Rosy Shimmer. I love this fabric paint since it’s so shimmery and light and can be added on top of any chalk paint or fabric paint to give an amazing glittery effect.

I made a couple of these feathers and added some beads from the store.

This is how my final project looks.

I made some more Boho feathers, used black gessometallic gold paint, chalk paints, Glitter fabric paint Teal Glint, Wisteria Shine and Rosy Shimmer. The fabric paints are very versatile, so don’t hesitate to experiment with them.

Love, Sumedha.

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