Home Decor Photo Frame Art With Stencils

Hello arty-crafty friends, Daksha here with you today.

While we stay at home, we need to be positive and keep ourselves creatively busy to utilize our time well. I will also request you all to stay safe at home.

As you know, this month’s Blog Challenge is all about 4×4 inch stencils. To inspire you, here is my second post with the same.

Please note: it’s a picture heavy post!

I have made a home decor photo frame art with mini stencils. Here I have made four 5″x 7″ shadow boxes and did stenciling on two and stuck photos in other two. You can play around with the idea and do variations as you like.

Step by step instructions:

#1- there are many tutorials on YouTube for shadow box..so plz check that n make in your preferred size …as you can make 6″x4″ or 5″x7″… Shadow boxes

 Here I have made 4 shadow box frames in 5″x 7″..I have used cream pearl cardstock.

 #2- then I have arranged and finally liking that glued with hot glue gun ..as I wanted it strong n sturdy. Now frame part is ready …same way you can add 6 or 9 shadow boxes and make home decor frames.

 #3- Now Coloring and stenciling work..for that I have used watercolor paper..size of the paper depends on inside size…. I have done  wrapping technique & for that I have used clean wrap and distress reinkers …you can use any water colors.

 #4- drop few water color drops ( diluted) on cleanwrap and now put that on watercolor paper…move a little to get texture effect

 #5- now after removing the clean wrap dried it with heat gun..then did stenciling using mini stencils on both papers.

 #6- now using two  word or Quote stencils and black ink did stenciling…as I wanted each word bold to give more focus on that.

#7- here you can see black and bold stencil work.

 #8- then I have stuck the photo and stencil work in shadow box frames and decorated with little birdie flowers and butterflies ( here make sure your decoration work should not be raised above your shadow box height) as I am now going to cover on top with thick acetate sheet so it doesn’t get dirt. And it will give your shadow box proper frame look .

 #9- I have cut 4 pieces of thick acetate sheet 1/8 th less than 5″x7″ on both sides and then using red tacky tape stuck the acetate sheet on each shadow frames.

 #10- here in picture you can see all covered with acetate sheets…but now to cover that tacky tape and to give proper frame look we have to cover top 3/4 ” boarder with same ivory pearl cardstock strips..for that two long strips in straight line but the other two side stipes cut diagonal at the end to match the corners..see below picture..

 #11- this way I have covered all four shadow box frames with ivory pearl cardstock..so final results is very neat looking photo frames with acetate covers.. at this stage if you want to add shaker elements than you can add before sticking acetate sheet.

#12- finally decorated with small word chipboards from little Birdie.

Here is the complete look..I forgot to take picture ..but at the back I have used flat picture hanging hook .

Hope you are still here with me..thank you for stopping by..and hope you have like the project as much as I enjoyed making it.

Love n hugs





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