Upcycled Drawer Home Decor

Hello dear friends,

Hope you all are doing well. Hema Bhat here with another project using the amazing 4×4 inch stencils.  I have upcycled a drawer using distressing, stenciling and decoupage techniques.

For this project I chose a plywood drawer which I found discarded near my house nearly 6 months ago. I had not worked on it as the drawer was in a bad shape and needed me to spend more hours on it. So, I made use of the time to work on it while staying at home to stay safe during the lock down.

Here’s the process:

I started by cleaning the drawer and removing the unwanted knob and nails from the sides. This was followed by sanding and then filling all the holes and uneven surfaces and also gluing the loose laminated sheets. Once this was done, I gave the entire surface 2 coats of diluted Mixed Media paste 2-1 white as I have run out of Gesso.

I gave a coat of Little Birdie Chalk Paint Charcoal on the outer sides using a synthetic hair flat brush. Once the paint dried, I rubbed a wax candle on it randomly. On this I used the Chalk paint Muted Teal and once it dried, I used a piece of sand paper to give it a distressed effect.

Then I stenciled Mandala designs on the top and sides of the drawer using 1:1 ratio of the Little Birdie Grainy Texture Paste and Little Birdie Chalk paint Butternut Squash with the help of a palette knife. I also used the Stencil Garden Vine with Grainy texture paste on the sides of the box.

Please do remember to wash the stencils immediately.

Now I painted the inside of the box with Chalk Paint Snow and adhered a decoupage tissue using Little Birdie Deco Magic Glue and sealed it with a coat of the same glue.

Meanwhile I decided to do some random stenciling on the edges of the box using the Mixed Media paste 2-1 white on the Mountain Peaks stencil.

I mixed Little Birdie Chalk Paint Kiwi Mojito and Wild Moss with the Mixed Media paste 2-1 white and applied it on the Bird cage stencil with the help of a palette knife. I used masking tape to cover the bird cage as I wanted only the branch.


These 4 x 4 inch stencils are of the right size to work on such projects. I found it easy to use them on the inside of the drawer.

Then I applied Stone Texture paste Rose Milk on the Tree stencil using the palette knife.  I lifted the stencil carefully and  let the Stone texture paste dry. I used the Mountain Peak stencil with Mixed Media Paste under the tree to look as a retaining wall. Once it dried, I rubbed a little Metallic wax Copper Blaze on it so that the design is seen.

On the top of the drawer I used the Believe in Dreams stencil using Stone Texture paste Rose Milk. Once it dried, I laid the stencil on the texture again and gave a coat of Chalk paint Tuscan Teal using a stencil brush as I wanted the design to pop up.

As the inside of the box looked incomplete, I used the  Little Birdie Stone Wall stencil to create the pebbles by dabbing Chalk paints Charcoal and Snow.

I left the back of the box with only the distressed look.

Finally I gave 3 coats of Little Birdie Varnish Glossy to the entire box giving good drying time in between coats.

Thanks to these amazing products that a discarded old drawer got a new lease of life as a beautiful Home Decor piece.

More pictures:

So what are you waiting for?  This is the right time to wisely utilize your time and also showcase your creative side. Don’t forget to participate in the Itsy Bitsy Blog Challenge# 27- “Shine Your Creativity with Stencil”.

Thank you for stopping by. Here’s DT Hema Bhat wishing you happy crafting!  See you soon with another inspiring project! Stay safe by staying at home!

Supplies used:

Mixed Media Paste 2 In 1 -White 400gm

Mont Marte Palette Knife – No.6, 1pc

Deco Magic Glue Glossy -100ml


Metallic Wax – Copper Blaze, 20ml, 1pc

Home Decor Chalk Paint 60ml – Kiwi Mojito

Home Decor Chalk Paint 60ml – Charcoal

Home Decor Chalk Paint 60ml – Snow

Home Decor Chalk Paint 60ml – Wild Moss

Home Decor Chalk Paint 60ml – Butternut Squash

Home Decor Chalk Paint 60ml – Muted Teal

Home Decor Chalk Paint 120ml – Tuscan Teal

Stencil Tree – 4×4 Inch, 1Pc

Stencil Tree Birdcage – 4×4 Inch, 1Pc

Stencil Mountain Peaks – 4×4 Inch, 1Pc

Stencil Mandala Duo – 4×4 Inch, 1Pc

Stencil Believe In Dreams – 4×4 Inch, 1Pc

Stencils Stone Wall- 4 X 7Inch, 1 Piece

Stencil Garden Vine – 4×4 Inch, 1Pc

Stone Texture Paste – Rose Milk, 150g, 1pc

Grainy Texture Paste -200gm

Decor Varnish – Gloss, 100 ml, 1pc

Synthetic Hair Flat Brush Size-8, 1pc

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