Floral Patterns with Pouring Paints

Hello creatives,

Ashwini here today! As much as I enjoy making vintage decoupage home decor and mixed media, I also have a passion for floral art.  So, I am back to share a home decor with pouring paints.

With the Little Birdie’s recently launched collection of pouring paints, I decided to try my hands on this. Used wide range of colors and created four patterns on canvas, MDF, and wooden slices. They really add a fabulous look and design to the project.

One of the things I adore about Itsy Bitsy is that they have complete collection for craft materials under one roof.


Let’s get started with the making of these lovely projects. I have created 2 more projects with the same procedure. Sit back and enjoy the making:


To add a background to the woods, I first poured a thin layer of white and spread it evenly with the help of a spatula.

Tip: Mix (2:1) ratio of pouring medium with pouring paint.


Using the first wooden slice I created a floral design by mixing pouring paint and pouring medium.


On this I covered a plastic wrap for 10 seconds.


Now, I gently pulled out the plastic wrap just to see such a fine floral design unveil!


Similarly, I did for the second wooden slice too. By using different colours.



Using the same procedure I have created the floral patterns on canvas and MDF too. Below are some more images to define its beauty. The vivid colors have added more depth for these handmade decor.








Hope you all enjoyed watching the making. Do give a try and leave some love.


Ashwini Vinayraj

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