Easy Everyday Journal with Watercolour

Hello everyone!!

Its a good habit to journal to make sure that you do some art everyday and also, this could be a way to vent out your emotions while you relax and have fun with art. With Itsy Bitsy’s home brand Little Birdie’s newly released Watercolour half pan set,  journalling just became easier as it is something that makes art less messy; considering the fact that it has a brush pen that comes with it, and is pretty much portable.

Here’s a page from my journal using a few clear stamps and the Watercolour Half Pan Set.

I first started off by making a page layout and gilding specific portions of the page to make a pattern.

I then used clear stamps to stamp designs onto the page.

I then used the the vibrant colours from the Watercolour half pan set to fill in different hues in various tones to get this colourful page of my art journal.


Watercolour Half Pan Set

Clear Stamps

Art Journal

Mont Marte imitation Gold Leaf

Leafing Size

Have you tried the Watercolour Half Pan Set? And are you into journalling? If so, please share your diary pages with us!




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