Dream-A Mixed Media Project

Hi Everyone, Saadia here,

I want to share with you a mixed media project today. I wanted to make a dream catcher or a wreath with Little Birdie’s beautiful flowers but couldn’t decide. So I ended up with a dream catcher, wreath hybrid! I hope you like it.

Lets start:

  • To begin with, I applied Little Birdie Fiber Paste with a palette knife to a MDF board. This Fiber Paste gives a very beautiful texture and 3D dimension to the project. Its easy to use and spreads well. It  can be tinted and painted after drying.
  • After that, I applied Grainy texture paste for an additional layer of texture. Grainy Texture Paste is also a beautiful product for adding dimension to the project. It gives a gritty texture and can be applied through a large stencil design. One can use texture tools and palette knife to draw patterns on it. It can also be mixed with ink sprays and paints when wet, to get a customized grainy paste. It can also be easily painted after drying.

Once the paste was dry, I covered the board with diluted Mix media 2 in 1 white paste. I let it dry completely before the next step. The Mixed Media 2 in 1 paste can be used for texture as well as gesso. Use it undiluted for adding dimension to the project or dilute it slightly with water to prime the surface before coloring. Picture 2

  • Next I colored my project with Alcohol splash and Color Splash sprays.

  • Once the colors were dry, I arranged my embellishments. In this picture the flowers are on the side but I changed their position before gluing them. The composition didn’t look balanced so I rearranged them!

  • I made a circle from some wire and glued Little Birdie’s burlap ribbon in the centre of the circle with Soft Matte Gel Medium. 
  • Next I covered my composition with diluted Mixed Media 2 in 1 paste. Little Birdie flowers are sturdy enough to be covered with mixed media paste, gel medium and colors. The petals retain their shape after application of mediums and paints or sprays.

  • Glued Crystal Drops and Mixed media stones with soft gloss gel medium, around my main composition. The Crystal Drops and Mixed Media Stones are ideal for filling gaps in the composition and  for adding extra texture. The stones can be colored with ink sprays before applying to the project. But I covered them with diluted Mixed Media 2 in 1 paste and when the paste was dry, I lightly colored them with Alcohol splash and Color splash sprays.
  • After that, I dry brushed Mixed Media Paste on the raised areas.

I added slightly diluted Tinted Metallic Paints for highlights. I diluted the paint because I wanted very soft highlights on the flowers and the wings. I used the full strength paint  ( small amount of paint mixed with lightly diluted mixed media 2 in 1 white paste) on the edges to create a border.

Finally I added small pearls, seed beads and some glitter.I hope you liked my project.

Thank you for visiting!Take care and keep crafting.

Saadia Nawaz


Materials used:

Soft Gel Medium Matte
Soft Gel Medium Gloss

Grainy Texture Paste
Mixed media paste 2 in 1
White flowers
Dew drop flowers
Crystal Drops
Mixed Media Stones
Color Splash Spray
Color Splash spray Grape crush
Alcohol Splash Frosted Pool
Tinted Metallic Paint Golden Plum
Tinted Metallic Paint Silver Oak




  1. Its so preety n awesome project…i love d color..n simplicity of it..u hv describe very well…

  2. Oh wow !!
    This is absolutely gorgeous …loved every bit of it….thanks so much for sharing the details dear 🙂

  3. Wow awesome textures you have created and beautiful colors too, I just loved the entire look of this ?

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