DIY Miniature Craft Cement Bird Bath Garden Decor

Hello friends,

DT Charu here!

With Little Birdie Craft Cement you can make a number of projects… a candle light holder, a  home decor, a garden decor…just anything! The possibilities are endless and all you need is some craft cement and a bit of imagination!

Today I am going to show you how to make a fun and easy project for your garden. It is super fun and simple so you can also ask your children to help you with this. I am sure they will enjoy it too and when the product is ready they are going to show it very proudly to their friends too!

so here we Go

Materials that you will require :

  1. Craft Cement

2. Water

3. Small plastic bottle

4. Small container / Salt container

5. Containers to prepare concrete

7. Spoons

8. Rubber gloves

9. Small stones

10. Sandpaper and Tissue paper


1. Box cutter/Paper cutter/Hobby knife

Cut a small plastic bottle, keeping the bottom portion of about 3 to 4 inches. (this will be your mould) Use a box cutter for this purpose. Don’t worry if it is not evenly cut.

I took 2 cups of Little Birdie Craft Cement  in a container. Added one cup of water gradually and stirred it continuously until a thick paste formed. While preparing the cement there are chances of adding more water which may make the mixture very thin. In that case add some dry cement to make it thick. If you make the mixture very thin then it takes more time to dry but very thick mixture is also not good as it will not perfectly settle inside the mould.

Safety : Wear hand gloves during the work.

Clean and dry your plastic mould (the cut bottle) and apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly or oil inside of your plastic mould. Pour the cement liquid into the mold. Tap the mould slowly for the cement  to adjust in all corners of the mould and to remove bubbles from the mixture. This will make your base  stronger and make it less prone to cracks. Don’t fill the mould till the brim. Leave at least 1 cm from the top otherwise the cement mixture will overflow when you place the inner container.

Place a small container at the center of the mould so that it creates a cavity inside.

In another container or shallow bowl pour cement and place a smaller container in the middle as shown. Put a few pebbles to add weight so that the container does not move and sets properly.

Leave both for 24 to 36 hours to dry. After 24 to 36 hours of curing, place them inside water for 4 to 5 hrs. It will give more strength to the product.

After treating the concrete with water, now it is time to remove the molds. Remove the inner containers carefully from both. Tear off the plastic by using the box cutter or a hobby knife.

After removal of the plastic and the inner container there will be some uneven places. Take a piece of fine sandpaper and gently rub the surface and sides to make them smooth.

Clean the cement dust with a tissue paper.

The bird bath is almost ready. For the next step I painted the bird bath with blue with chalk paint. I made some birds with air drying clay.

For the base I am using a CD which I painted with chalk paint too.


Now the fun part. For giving an effect of water in bird bath I painted the upper portion in blue with acrylic paint. Added added some blue pixie dust and covered it with resin and hardener.

Painted the birds yellow. Arranged some flowers, leaves, stones on the Cd and VOILA! my cute bird bath was ready to decor my garden.

Hope you liked it and will tryout something for your garden!

Keep crafting and sharing your creations with us. Don’t forget to play this month’s Blog Challenge.





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