Creative use of Grainy Texture Paste in Mixed Media

Hi friends, Ruchi Gupta here,

I am back as a guest designer again with yet another blog post. This time, I would be talking about creating some coloured pastes from Little Birdie’s Grainy Texture Paste. The paste is quite versatile and I am sure till now most of us have used this to add texture to our projects. Today I am going to make colored texture paste and use them as a coloring medium for my mixed media project. Hope you find the step by step useful. I have included a video but do excuse any mistakes, as it is my first video!!

I have created a mixed media circle called FREEDOM. This has a ply base around 8mm thick. I have used some natural twigs and some molds to create this piece. Some images of the the work in progress.






Once my composition was ready, it was time to decide the colors. For this, I created custom texture¬†pastes for adding colours. As I decided to do the background in somewhat patina shades, I used Little Birdie Tinted Metallic paints – Lime crush and Caribbean Teal mixed with Grainy Texture Paste to create my own coloured pastes. Also, I decided to give the central part a rusty look. For the rust pastes, I created a reddish paste with acrylic colors, Indian Red and Burnt Sienna mixed with Grainy Texture Paste and Indian yellow mixed with the same paste to create a shade of yellow. Some pictures for your reference….










Once my pastes were ready, I applied them with thick hog bristle brush using the dry brushing technique. I was quite happy with the end result and love how the Grainy Texture Paste adds another dimension to my work. Thanks are again due to Rashmi Harish for trusting me with this product. I have included a video of the coloring process and hope you can gather some tips from it. Please visit this link for the process video




Links to the products used from Itsy Bitsy;–accessories-color-splash/itsy-bitsy/color-splash-tangerine/pid-12913484.aspx

Also find the link to my youtube video regarding the same here:

regards Ruchi Gupta


  1. Wow absolutely stunning love your composition and video tutorial,as I always said you are super talented and creative and always amazed us with your work this is again stunning project

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