Crafty Bird Nest

Hello All!! Welcome to another tutorial by Itsy Bitsy. Today, we shall learn to make a beautiful & delicate bird’s nest. It is an easy DIY project and perfectly suitable for spring & summer. Bring the outdoors inside with this crafty project. Add different coloured birds to make this more colourful & vibrant. 🙂 🙂

Materials Required
Neem stick/Flower making stem (5mm)
Flower making wire
Coconut fibre
Thermocol ball
Handmade paper
Green saw dust
Silicon glue
Scrapbooking glue
Step 1: Take a neem stick/ flower making stem and glue it on a cardboard using silicone glue.
Step 2: Take another stem and glue it to the side of the base stem using silicone glue.
Step 3: Place another stem on the side and wrap a flower making wire around it. You can also stick small leaf like cut outs on it. Handmade paper can be used to make the leaves.
Step 4: Glue small wooden beads on the wire (To resemble fruits).
Step 5: Glue green saw dust to the base with the help of craft glue.
Step 6: Glue some natural coconut fibre (like a nest) in between the stems.
Step 7: Take a 2 inch thermocol ball & scoop out the middle part.
Step 8: Glue tissue paper on to the ball using craft glue
Step 9: Paint the ball white.
Step 10: Glue a pompom & cover it with feathers (You can cut the feather to get the desired size).
Step 11: Make the eyes & nose (to resemble a bird) using black crystals & handmade paper cutouts, respectively.
Step 12: Place the bird inside the thermocol ball.
Step 13: Place the thermocol ball on the nest.
Step 14: Make similar birds using pompom & feathers of different colours.
Step 15: Place the birds using craft glue.

The crafty bird’s nest is ready. Use it for school projects or for a fun activity during the summer holidays. Happy crafting!! Let us know what you thought of it.
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