Crackle Paste- A Canvas Project and a Review

Hello crafty friends,

Guneet Kohli here today with an easy and simple canvas project made with Little Birdie Crackle Paste. I was extremely happy to receive the product specially sent to me by team Itsy Bitsy.

It has got a very smooth texture and perfect consistency to work with. We can use it for preparing textured backgrounds or use it with stencils too.  Following is a pictorial of the project where I used the Crackle Paste to give a weathered wall look and did some clay work over it.

Thank you team Itsy Bitsy for sending me across the Crackle Paste and Deco Magic.

Step by Step procedure :

Step 1 : I took a Mont Marte canvas panel and started spreading the Little Birdie Crackle Paste with the help of a spatula. You can choose a canvas size that is convenient for you.

Step 2 : Spread the paste generously with uneven peaks and leave it to dry completely and  naturally. Once it dries, you can see beautiful cracks developing on the surface depending upon the thickness of the paste.

Step 3: Once the background is ready with a weathered wall look, I used some air dry clay to make flowers and a window and pasted them on the canvas.

I would like to share my personal experience of using the Crackle Paste with you.
1. It’s a multipurpose product which can be used on any surface like canvas, journal, MDF etc.
2. It gives a lovely weathered or vintage look to the project.
3. It has got a very smooth texture which is easily spreadable with a palette knife.
4. Can be coloured with inks, sprays and acrylic paints also.
5. It spreads well with stencils also. The tools can be cleaned with water.
6. Very easy to work with. Just spread and wait for the magic when you use it.

Do try it out in your projects to get a firsthand feel of this wonderful product!

Happy crafting!!

Guneet Kohli


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