Colourful Quilled Trinket Box- Kunali Shah

Hi, i’m Kunali and today I’m going to share a beautiful and colourful quilled trinket box. It’s simple, delicate, long lasting and makes a great gift. It can also be used as a gift box or a tea-light holder, or it’ll hold your jewellery. Make tea-light diyas from this for your Diwali decor. 

Give it a try and I’m sure everyone is going to love it! 

We’ll start with making the actual box first. 

Take a bunch of different coloured 5 mm strips. We’ll start with using about 7 to 8 strips for the first roll. Place them as shown, fold them midway and start rolling them. Keep the roll tight, not loose at all. 

Glue the strips down when you reach the end. Once that’s done, we’ll start building on it.

Take around 14 to 15 mix of colourful strips and stick them as shown. The bottom strip will have 2 strips stuck so it is long enough to reach the end of the roll. Now, stick each strip as shown. In the form of a descending ladder. 

Each strip needs to be stuck well and once that’s done, make 5 such paper trains. 

We’ll stick them one after the other on the first roll. Apply a little glue on the roll and start with sticking the first paper train. Roll it around the main roll and keep it tight. Keep pulling lightly on all the strips so it doesn’t unfurl or loosen. 

Once all the 5 trains are stuck and make a big enough roll, make a similar roll which is a little smaller or bigger. Depending on your requirement. 1 roll has to be a little bigger so it acts like a lid. 

Now, give both the rolls a curve and slowly, make them into a bowl shape. Keep the centre a little flattened so it sits well. Carefully, apply glue on both the bowls, both inside and out. Spread with your fingers till the entirety of the bowl is coated with glue. Keep it aside and allow it to dry. 

Now, we’ll work on a simple flower as shown below. I have used 2 blue strips of 3 mm for each petal. Make the petals as shown, keep them together and make a bud and stick it on the petals. Keep it in the palm of your hand and press it down so it gets a beautiful 3D effect. 

Once thats done, stick it to one of the bowls and that will act as a lid for the trinket box. Give the box a square shape and even the lid.

And, voila, your beautiful and colourful Quilled trinket box is ready! Let us know how you’ll use this. Also, if you make these cute boxes, share pictures. 

All the supplies I’ve used are available on the Itsy Bitsy Website and the links to that are mentioned below. 

Also, you’ll get a 5% off if you use the Coupon Code – KUNALI5

Quilling Strips Various 5mm

Little Birdie Quilling Strips – Mediterranean Sea, 10mm, 50 Strips

Little Birdie Extra PVA Glue

Itsy Bitsy Quilling Tool – With Wooden Handle

For the flower

Little Birdie Quilling Strips – Beery Basket, 3mm, 50Strips

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