Baggage Labels For a Fun and Memorable Holiday!

Craft can be applied to so many aspects of our daily lives. It isn’t just for cards or scrapbooks. It can apply to the most mundane of accessories – luggage tags. I first saw this on Snehal’s blog. She had made luggage tags for a friend and I thought – OMG what a clever idea. Now many months later as my family was planning a holiday, I thought – I’m going to make me some Crafty Luggage Tags. 
For any project practicality has to find a place in the conception. So I decided that my luggage tags had to be durable. After all they were going to get quite a beating with all the traveling, loading and unloading. I knew I couldn’t add too many 3D elements, they would most definitely fall off somewhere along the way. So that was my challenge. Making minimalistic yet fun and exciting luggage tags. 

As always the fabulous range of supplies from Itsy Bitsy came to my rescue. As I mulled over how to make my durable luggage tags I came upon the chipboard sticker section of the store. Right in front of me were fabulous chipboard stickers, perfectly sized for luggage tags and perfect for my project. The picture above is the tag I made for my son. I added the chipboard frame to some red card stock, provided a space for the ribbon and a few buttons on the corner. That’s it! A colourful and fun luggage tag for a colourful and fun loving little boy. 

For my daughter, I found an awesome girly chipboard sticker pack. Full of bright pinks and blues, it was just perfect for her. All I had to do was add the pink felt backing, some alphabet stickers and some pearls. For the ribbon I used one of the crochet lace trims at Itys Bitsy. 

My husband’s luggage tag was a little tricky. He needed something masculine and minimalistic. Once again I found the perfect chipboard frame for the tag. I glued it onto some brown card stock, added the alphabet stickers, attached the ribbon and voila – I was done!

Practicality continued to play a role in this project. Luggage tags should provide space for the owners’s contact details so that if lost, the bags can be reached to the original user. Here’s a look at the reverse side of each tag. As you can see I left plenty of space for the address and phone numbers. 

Finally here’s a look at the luggage tags in action. I attached them to each individual suitcase and was delighted to see that they worked quite wonderfully.

Isn’t it a fun idea – crafty luggage tags! What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know. As always I love hearing from you!

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