Antique Clay Art Sculpture Decor with Stone Texture Paste

Hello everyone!

Vinita here. Hoping you all had a wonderful Dussehera festival!

As you all know this is a festive month, full of fun and enjoyment with family, guests and friends!

Its time to clean up your house and give it a new life.

I am sure that you would agree that having a unique decor piece at your home can be the talk of the town, especially when you can boast about how you made it yourself.

Who doesn’t like to create an antique piece for their home decor? But it can cause a huge hole in your pocket. It doesn’t mean that you cannot have one.

You can make one for your home on your own. I am so excited and presenting you a step by step tutorial of an altered mixed media decor piece for your tablescape!!

I also gave a waste tape roll a new life and converted it into a clay art sculpture!

Firstly I altered a wooden base which I had for the last 3 years and was waiting to use it in an artistic way. And I took an empty tape roll.

I directly applied Charcoal chalk paint to this wooden piece.

Then gave a coat of Lemon Chiffon chalk paint strokes randomly.

Using  the Rolling Stones stencil I applied Chocolate Fudge Stone Texture Paste on all the surface.  Then, highlighted it with Copper Blaze metallic wax.

Next, I added some mixed media stones and some tiny pebbles from my stash for placing my sculpture pot with some handmade flowers to embellish as well.

Now is time for the fun part!

I covered the tape roll with modelling clay and converted it into a pot.

I  also used my baking tools for some textures as you can see in the pics below.

I especially moulded the pot neck from one side to fit a clay person figurine to sit on the pot. These tools are really so helpful for making this sculpture!

 Here are some more pics:

As you can see some cracks appeared, but don’t fret, I covered all these using my Rose Milk Stone Texture Paste.

Gave a coat of Fire Brick Tinted Metallic Paint as it had a dual shade tone with gold. Brushed the old man with a coat of Caribbean Teal metallic paint carefully. Now highlighted the textures with Antique Gold metallic wax.

Embellished the pot with some handmade flowers and ferns.

Gave a coat of glitter dust to cover my tea light candle tops.

I added some Pearl Drops to the turban and shawl to give it a rustic village look.

Planted some real leaves inside for more natural feel!

I love nature!

Did you enjoy the whole process of this altered art? Do try it on something old or unused and tell me how it turned out.

I am sure you can try this out in your style now and adorn your pooja room or table!

Happy Crafting!



Supply List

Little Birdie Home Decor Chalk Paint 50ml – Charcoal

Little Birdie Home Decor Chalk Paint 50ml – Lemon Chiffon

Little Birdie Stencil – Rolling Stones, 4" X 7"

Mont Marte Air Hardening Modelling Clay – White, 500gm

Cake Decorating Tools

Little Birdie Stone Texture Paste – Chocolate Fudge, 150g, 1pc

Little Birdie Stone Texture Paste – Rose Milk, 150g, 1pc

Little Birdie Tinted Metallic Paint 120ml -Fire Brick


Little Birdie Tinted Metallic Paint 120ml -Caribbean Teal


Little Birdie Metallic Wax – Copper Blaze, 20ml, 1pc

Little Birdie Metallic Wax – Antique Gold, 20ml, 1pc


Little Birdie Tea Light Candle White – 50pc

Little Birdie Glitter Dust – Gold, 30gm

Little Birdie Acrylic Soft Gel Medium 100 ml- Matte

Handmade Flower-Dew Drops, Soft Blue 16pcs

Little Birdie Pearl Drops-Snow White 30ML









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