Texture Tile Mirror Frame

Hello creatives,

Roopashree here with my 2nd project with Stone Texture Paste.
Stone Texture Paste is made from natural sand & gives a beautiful color & finish when dry. So, I have retained the natural colour of the paste.

“They are two way of spreading lights; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it”. Today we go with a mirror!  Let’s get started with the procedure of making a beautiful texture tile mirror frame.

Step 1 :
Take a wooden decorable MDF base of 12″X12″. Prime it with a coat of white gesso. Position the mirror in the center & mark the outline of the mirror. Keep it aside, you will use it later.

Step 2:
Draw tile pattern of different sizes around the mirror part.

Step 3:
Now start filling the patterns with Stone Texture Pastes of different colors using a palette knife leaving a small gap in between each tile pattern.
Here I have used all 6 shades of Stone Texture Paste.
Let it dry completely.

Step 4:
Stick the mirror in the center with F-6000 & for finishing touch I have got it framed.

Few clicks of finished project.

Materials list:
1. Wooden decorable 12″X12″.

2. White gesso

3. Stone texture paste

4 book.f-6000 glue

5. Permanent marker black

6. Palette knife


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