Fluid Art on Ceramic Flower Vase

Hello creative folks!

Welcome back to my second post.During this lockdown period I am pretty sure that all of us have engaged in creative activities. I have worked a lot on making my room look more aesthetic . To add a little accessory in a corner I decided to put a flower vase. I will show you how I did acrylic pour on the vase and made it look super cute!

Let’s get started


Keep a plastic sheet under the vase to avoid spilling paints on the surface.


Under the vase keep any object like a cup to raise the height of the vase. I used an old tape.


Choose your desired colours. I decided to use pastels since they are very trending these days. Mix the paint with the pouring medium in the ratio 2:1 .


Add these paints in one single cup by creating different layers.


It’s finally time to pour. I used the tree ring pour technique .

This is how we can pour it .


Give it about 24 hours to dry. After it dries you can add your favourite flowers and keep it in your room.


I hope you all liked it.

Here is the link to all the products I used .

Pouring Medium:

Little Birdie Paint Pouring Medium- 240 ml

Paint Set :

Little Birdie Acrylic Pouring Paint set – 6pcs, 60ml Each, Pastel

Flower Vase:

Ceramic Vase – Delight, Medium, 8 inch, 1 Pc

Flowers :

Artificial Flower- Gerbera, Oink Passion, 12 inch, 1 Sprig

Artificial Flower- Gerbera, Cream, 12 inch, 1 Sprig






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