Working with Two Step Crackle Medium

Hi Friends, Charita here!

I know many of you have already tried working with Little Birdie’s newly launched Two Step Crackle Medium, but I’m sure there are still a few  crafters who haven’t yet got a chance to work with it. So, here I’m today showing you how to use this medium to get a perfect crackle effect.

This Crackle Medium can be used on almost any surface – wood, glass, metal, ceramic etc. Today, I worked on a wooden number plate for a house using this Two Step Crackle Medium.

Follow these steps to get a similar kind of effect.

Step 1: Sand the surface with a sanding paper, if you’re working on wood/MDF.

Step 2: Rub the surface with a soft candle (where ever you need distressed effect).

Step 3: Wipe away excess candle from the surface with a soft cloth or tissue.

Step 4: Apply two coats of Chalk Paint, letting it dry well between each coat.

Step 5: When the piece is totally dry, sand it gently with a sand paper to get the distressed effect.

Step 6: Stick a Decoupage paper or Tissue or do an Image transfer – it’s totally upto you. (Here, I did an Image transfer). Then apply a coat of Decoupage glue all over the piece and let it dry.

Step 7: Apply a generous coat of Two Step Crackle Medium BASE COAT all over the piece or where ever you need the crackle effect. Let it dry well. (It’s sticky to touch even after it’s dry).

Step 8: When the Base coat is dry, apply a thick coat of TOP COAT on it if you want thick cracks or a thin coat if you want thin cracks. Here, I’ve applied a thick coat.

Step 9: When it’s totally dry (after a minimum of two hours), you’ll be able to see huge cracks on the surface. Then rub in some oil colours or pigments to highlight the cracks and let it dry.

That’s it! We’re done. Hope you all liked my project!

Thanks for going through it. Happy Crafting!  🙂

– Charitha


Supplies used (Click on the image for details)



  1. Beautiful work! How do we protect the work ? I’ve heard crackle is not waterproof and using water based varnish will spoil it. Have you tried?

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