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Hello All,

Sonal Shah here!  Hope you all are doing good. First of all, let me thank Rashmi Harish , Anitha Mallesh and the entire Itsy Bitsy team for giving me this wonderful opportunity of being a Design Team member for India’s largest art and craft retailer Itsy Bitsy.

You guys  must be waiting excitedly for the first Itsy Bitsy Blog Challenge of the year! I think few of you would have guessed already what the next challenge is all about. Yes, it is anything that goes with Little Birdie’s Instant Image Transfer Gel!! This wonderful product can be used for transferring images onto just about any surface including wood, MDF, metal, glass  and air drying takes 5-10 minutes.

Can’t wait to see what you make with them…so without much ado…I am happy to announce our Challenge #18….. Any thing goes using Little Birdie Instant Image Transfer gel.

Here are some guidelines to follow for participating in the Blog Challenge

  • Submissions can be any project featuring Little Birdie Instant Image Transfer Gel.
  • Turn off word verification to enable us to leave comments
  • Entries can be submitted until  February  13th, 2019.
  • In order to submit your entry, click on the inlinkz button provided at the end of this post, add your image and link to your blog post containing the submission.
  • Each participant can submit a maximum of 3 entries. Please append numbers 1, 2, 3 next to your name while submitting multiple entries
  • Please link your creations to your post and not just your blog
  • In your blog post, create a back-link to this page
  • Only projects posted during the valid challenge period are eligible. Back links or Old projects are not allowed. Please link the creations posted only after our challenge has gone live.
  • Entries are welcome from all over the world. However if you are the winner, we can only ship your prize to an Indian address.
  • If you don’t have a blog and want to add your creation on Facebook, please upload it on our FB group Itsy Bitsy Crafter’s Cafe with the hashtag – #itsybitsyblogchallenge18  and add the link here.
  • When sharing your work via Facebook or Instagram, please make sure that your profile is PUBLIC, else we will not be able to view your entry and it will be disqualified.
  • Top 2 entries will be selected by the DT.  Each winner will receive a voucher of Rs.500, redeemable online at
  • Every month we will go into a lucky draw to pick 1 Lucky individual who Likes and Writes the MOST number of encouraging comments for Itsy Bitsy blog posts.
  • For participating in the Challenge you have time from  January 14th, 2019 to February 13th, 2019. The lucky person will receive a gift voucher worth Rs 500, redeemable online.
  • If you have not subscribed to our blog kindly subscribe with your name and e-mail id.

Today I am going to share two projects which I created using Itsy Bitsy’s home brand Little Birdie’s Instant  ImageTransfer Gel.

Wooden Box with Image Transfer-

I selected this pine wood, wooden box available at Itsy Bitsy as my base. Next step was to take a laser printout of my selected design on a normal xerox paper.

Then, I cut the design as per the size of the box. I chose to do the image transfer on the lid of the box only.

First, I applied Instant Transfer Gel Medium on top of the lid with a flat synthetic hair brush. Remember not to use to less or too much of the gel. I continued applying the gel till I felt that the base was well covered and not soaking the gel anymore. I did not feel the need of priming the base and hence I had to make sure that base was not soaking the gel anymore and my paper would stick properly.

Then I stuck the paper(design) cutout facing down on the lid. Make sure you press the paper properly as to release any air. This will help in avoiding ripples and unevenness due to presence of air bubbles. It will also ensure a complete transfer of the image without any blank areas. I left the paper for around 10 minutes before proceeding with the next step.

Next,  I wet the paper little at a time with water. I prefer to do it with my finger so that I can control the usage of water. Do it little by little and avoid using excess water. By any chance if you feel that you have used excess water, dry it with dryer or pat it with a soft cotton cloth.

Then I started rubbing the wet paper with my finger in circular motion . Soon, the layers of paper started coming out. I kept continuing the process until the entire image was visible on the base.

Initially when you start rubbing, you will find good amount of paper residues peeling off but as the final image appears, this residue will become less gradually and finally almost nothing will be there to rub off. Don’t try and remove the paper too harshly and in a hurry. Remember…Patience is the key! Rough handling may peel off the final image, so please be gentle.

Once the image was revealed, I sealed it with Little Birdie Deco Magic Glue Matte . See how it looks!!

I coloured the sides of the base of the box with Little Birdie chalk paint Passionate Plum. I was satisfied with the look of the box at this stage and found it complete. So now box is now ready…….

I wanted to retain the look of pinewood as I love that kinda look. So I left it as it is. Otherwise one can go ahead and varnish it using Little Birdie décor varnish matte / glossy.

Little Birdie Instant Image Transfer Gel is an excellent product for image transfer on wood , MDF, metal , glass etc. It just transfers the image in few minutes and gives perfect results. I’m super happy with this product. One can make a project or a gift in a jiffy using this product and achieve perfect results. The quantity of the gel consumed for the transfer is also very less. So one bottle would go for many projects. Do give it a try!!

Wooden Photo Frame with Image Transfer  Gel and Stencils

I saw this cute pinewood photo frame at the store. I couldn’t help but go ahead and do one more project. Let me mention that Itsy Bitsy has a very good collection of wooden decorables to select from and one just can’t resist them!!

For this photo frame , I chose to do the image transfer on only two sides of the frame.

Followed the same process for image transfer as I have mentioned in the above tutorial for the box.

I painted the other two sides by mixing different shades of Little Birdie chalk paints- Passionate Plum and Salsa Red. These were the colours that coordinated well with the design of the paper.

There’s a new collection of stencils at the store. Personally, I just love stenciling. So I decided to do some stenciling on this coloured patch.

I selected Blossoming Bud stencil from their new release. Used Gold acrylic colour for stenciling.

Went ahead and sealed everything with Deco Magic glue- glossy. Voila! a lovely elegant photo frame was ready with image transfer and stencilling.

So here I have two projects ready with Image Transfer technique, which goes as a set with each other as the colour scheme is the same. I am simply in love with these projects. Hope they inspire you too!

Thank you.

Love Sonal!

list of supplies used :


  1. Such an elegant outcome Sonal !
    Loved the color combinations…waiting to fetch the transfer gel from the store soon…
    Thnks for sharing all the details…

    Just one query…till what GSM paper can be used for transferring the picture?

    Regards, Hina

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