Wintry Woodland with Mixed Media Paste

Hello friends,  winter  is here and December is loads of fun as its time for Christmas! Snow, cold, Santa, shine, gift, happiness …all these are enough  to inspire me to create something that goes with this season. In this month of gift and happiness, I received Little Birdie’s latest launch, the Mixed Media paste from Itsy Bitsy. I could not wait to start doing something with the amazing 2 in one product. Yes, you heard it right!! This is a product that can be used either as gesso or as modelling paste. The best part is, it is extremely pocket friendly.

The Mixed Media paste comes in two shades, White and Slate in 400gm jars.

I know many of you want to know more about this product and my experience  with it. So here they are….

1. This is combination of two products gesso+modelling paste, that means you can use this as gesso (primer) or as modeling paste.

2. Perfect consistency. You can also thin it down with water, if needed. Use it as a primer, with stencils and also to add texture.

3. You have to mix a part of this paste with water to use it as gesso(primer).

4. This can be used on many surfaces like canvas, paper, wood, metal, chipboard, glass, plastic etc.

5. This mixed media paste is opaque, non-toxic and acid free.

6. The wide mouth jar makes it easy to use.

For trying this product I have altered two cardboard  boxes. Here is the first one with white mixed media paste. Have a look…..



I have taken a card board box which had two sides open.

To make it stronger I pasted some paper on it.

Now I wanted to apply gesso on this, so I added little water to the mixed media paste and my gesso was ready.  

You can see the smoothness!! I have applied two  coats to hide the prints on the paper.

Now  it’s time to test it as a modeling paste…

I again find it perfect for stenciling. I have done the same stencil work on both the sides and colored my box with acrylic colours.

Itsy Bitsy has lots of Christmas ornaments and embellishments. I simply used them to decorate my box. I cut a piece of card stock in shape of a wave and pasted some green color cotton on it (use acrylic green color with water to color cotton).

Now I started creating my Christmas scene with Christmas ornaments.

I have used this mixed media paste with dry brush with a light hand and put some small amount of this paste where I wanted to show snow. I also sprinkled some fine white glitter to add some interest.

I hope you can see the different uses of the White Mixed Media Paste in my creation. I am completely happy with the outcome and with the quality.

I can’t wait to show you my creation with the Slate shade of Mixed Media paste.

I have  again taken a cardboard box and used Slate Mixed Media paste as gesso and then used it as modeling paste just like I did before.

In the front, I pasted a piece of corrugated sheet, cut a shape of x-mas tree, some pieces of lace and applied Slate Mixed Media paste on them. Here, I also applied some White Mixed Media paste with light hand to give a snowy effect. 

Have a look…..

I hope you like my Christmas creations with Mixed Media Paste. I am a mixed media person and really like this product…that means I will come back soon with more!!

Thanks for being with us,






  1. two very beautiful projects just perfect for the Christmas season and I loved watching you build them step-by-step!

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