Winners of The ItsyBitsy BIG B Challenge

The results are in! We’re ready to announce the winners of the The ItsyBitsy Big B challenge where you could create anything you like as long as it incorporates any 2 of the Big Bs – Beads, Brads, Bows and Bling. We had 64 awesome entries and spent the last 3 days agonizing over the creations and finally we are ready to crown the ItsyBitsy Queens of Craft for September 2012.

And so the 2 winners who will each receive a voucher of Rs. 1000 from are……

Mallika from Aola Creations for her incredible rotating frame and Sharon Gurnhill for her fantastic baby boy card.

Mallika’s submission from Aola Creations

Sharon’s submission from Nellie’s Handmade Cards

We wanted to mention some of the other entries that totally wowed us. These are listed in no particular order. Gotta say it Ladies, you lot are SUPER TALENTED.

Poornima’sĀ Recylcled Booklet Box
Pooja’sĀ Card from Lightbox Creative Ideas
Sharada’sĀ Mirror Mirror on the Wall Card.
Dr. Sonia’sĀ Chariot Card
Juhi’s Turquoise and Brown Card
Kavitha’s Card from Kalalayaa Art Studio

Poornima’s Recycled Booklet Box
Pooja’s Card from Lightbox Creative Ideas
Sharada’s Mirror Mirror on the Wall Card
Dr. Sonia’s Chariot Card
Juhi’s Turquoise and Brown Card

Kavitha’s card from Kalalayaa Art Studio
We want to congratulate the winners and all the finalists for their outstanding work. We are constantly in awe of your creativity, taste and style, not to mention the close camaraderie all of you share. We look forward to more exciting submissions for our next challenge – The Make It Dimensional Challenge – and to crown the next Queens of Craft!

Mallika and Sharon, please write in to to claim your voucher and badge from

Happy Crafting Folks!


  1. yippie !
    You had no clue .. this time for result i had been refreshing the blog page like zillions of time ..
    yay !
    thankyou so much for choosing me ..
    where shud i mail for the voucher ?

  2. Sonia – kya karu – we just couldn't narrow it down, the submissions were just outstanding! My mom totally digs your chariot card by the way and she is one tough lady to please. Haha. Anyway since we are the only challenge that offers 2 first place prizes we thought we could name more than 3 finalists right… So 6 it is!

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