Welcome Board – Ft. Little Birdie Acrylic Pouring Paints and Pouring Medium


Manasa Priya here, back on India’s favourite craft blog – Itsy Bitsy with a DIY welcome board using the newly launched Pouring Medium.

I am a very frugal crafter, using all my art supplies dearly and sparse. That’s one of the many reasons I never tried acrylic pour before, even though it’s such a simple form of art. But, trust me when I tell you this is such a relaxing and addictive form of art that you wouldn’t stop with one project once you start POURING.

By the way, have you taken part in the blog challenge yet? It is simple, just use anything from the pouring art range and submit your entry and tag us.

There is a beautiful range of colors available in acrylics at Itsy Bitsy. I have chosen Plum Orchid, Cherry Tomato, Icy Blue and white this time.

So get your disposable cups and mix the acrylic paint and the pouring medium in 1:1 ratio. Make sure it is evenly mixed and there are no bubbles.

I took an  MDF base and painted the it in the color Icy Blue.

Now comes the fun part of randomly pouring the colors of your choice. Always make sure you use complimentary colors so that they don’t mix into each other and become muddy.

Next, I took a straw and gently blew into each other to form patterns. Tilt the base a little so all the edges are evenly covered. Once done, place it over a even height base… So the excess would drip.

Let the pour cure for about 24 hours to completely dry.

Now, using the Fibre Texture paste and a stencil…I stencilled over the remaining portion.

I just love this texture paste with beautiful fibre in it. Adds a great dimension to your project.

One good thing about Little Birdie Texture  Fibre Paste is that it dries in few minutes.

I hope enjoyed looking through the making of this fun fun project. Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Until next time.. ❤

Here is the list of all the products used in this project.

Pouring Medium

Acrylic Paint – Cherry Tomato

Acrylic paint – Icy Blue

Acrylic Paint – Plum Orchid

Acrylic paint – Pearl White

Fibre Paste

Stencil- Flora Enchante

By Manasa Priya

Hello Craft enthusiasts, I am Manasa Priya, a self taught artist hailing from the City of Destiny, Visakhapatnam. I did my Masters in International Business Management and Psychology and worked as a Banker before being a SAHM and a professional Crafter. I am so passionate about Upcycling and DIY's. My art and craft is appreciated for its Clean and simple work. I love using Pastels and a lot of florals in the things I create. With this grand platform at Itsy Bitsy, I would like to share my love for paper craft, decoupage, mixed media. Constantly learning and upgrading myself to the latest trends in craft is my biggest hobby and that lead me to explore new avenues like miniatures, Stained glass, Sculpture Painting etc. I Hope you would enjoy reading through my Craft experiments and experiences. Happy Crafting!

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