Watercolor Christmas Cards

Hello Creatives,

I am Kasturi your fellow artist. I am so excited to share my first blog here as a Design Team member. Watercolor is my favorite medium and I feel like it is less experimented and explored.  But there are so many unique things we can create with watercolors and the options are limitless.

As we all know that Christmas is around the corner and there is nothing like wishing your loved ones with handmade cards.  There is so much warmth in handmade cards than wishing on social media.

So without further ado, today we are going to create 4 simple, quick, colourful, and vibrant Christmas cards that you can make at home and send to your friends and family. First let’s have a look at all the Cards one by one.






I am using set of 5 cards and 5 envelopes, very convenient and the texture is perfect for watercolors.


1: Watercolor Cherry Card 

This is the must have Christmas card and really simple to paint. It looks tough but believe me you can paint it easily.

Draw random small and big circles with crimson red color and draw leaves with light green color. Don’t overlap leaves and cherries just yet.

Then with sap green color draw small leaves and mix a little bit of black color to draw the typical Christmas tree leaves.

You can write whatever message you want to write on the card.

2. Colorful Christmas Tree Card

This card is so much fun to paint. All you have to do is just play with colors without thinking of the result. Watercolor half pan set from Little birdie is the perfect set of watercolors and according to me the color pigmentation is the best part.

Let’s begin.

Make a big triangle with the help of masking tape and then give it a wet wash with plain water. I call it a wet on wet technique.

This is the interesting part, now select the colors of your choice and drop them inside the triangle. No need to blend the colors because they will automatically get merged since the paper is wet.

Let it dry for a while and then remove the tape gently and carefully.

After completely dry, with the help of black pen or pointed brush add some life to this tree. Draw horizontal S shapes on the tree and add some Christmas elements on it and it’s done in no time!

3. Christmas Checks Effect Card

This one is my favorite  because it has the typical Christmas effect with these checks like a table cloth. It is super easy to paint and you can play with multiple colors but since it is Christmas I am sticking it with red.

With the help of a masking tape we are going to create checks. Stick the tape vertically and then with Crimson red paint the vertical blank space.

TIP:- mix a lot of water in crimson red and paint with the lightest tone of that same color. Let the color dry then remove the tape.

It should look like this.

After this, stick the tape horizontally and again paint with the same shade of crimson red. This is what we call a wet on dry technique. 

Let the color dry. Remove the tape gently and carefully.

These are super cool watercolor embellishments from Little Birdie that will add beauty when you stick them on absolutely anything.  Colour these with your choice of watercolors and the result will be amazing.


And then right your favorite quote.

4. Rainbow Effect Card

This one has no rules and technique whatsoever just try out all the colors from the palette, make sure you don’t miss a single color and experiment.

Start with the top of the tree and as you come down make your brush stroke thicker and bigger. One thing to keep in mind that this is a One Stroke Painting, means don’t paint on the same stroke again – no overwriting. So for better results use flat brush.

Last step is to add some effect, paint small stars on the top of the tree and finish it off with your favorite quote on the card.

Now let’s see what all materials I used to create these cards. The good news is all the materials from Itsy Bitsy come with the unique code, KASTURI5 

Use this code and get an additional 5% discount on your total bill. Isn’t it exciting? Shop today and start creating..



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