Watercolor Birdie

Hello All, Nupur here

Hope you all are doing good! Let’s paint a birdie today ….after all creative arts is the best therapy that allows the mind to express, explore, reduce stress and  and improve ones emotional well-being! You need not be extremely talented or an seasoned artist to receive the benefits of painting….just start with something and you will finally get there!

Today, we will paint a bird sitting on a tree. Below is an image of how the final outcome will be.

So lets get started,

Firstly I sketched the outlines very lightly in my Itsy Bitsy watercolor book A-3 size. This book is really nice for the beginners and even for the paintings in which you plan to to have 3-4 washes and its really very pocket friendly.


Then, I sprayed water over the entire paper (except my birdie) and gave the initial wash with Prussian blue, black, and burnt umber(shade of brown).

I used half pan set form Mont Marte. It’s just way too awesome (I am in love with this set!!)When it was semi-dry, I again gave a darker wash with the same colors.

Now I painted the branches of the tree.

I already have a blog on how to paint a birch tree, at the end of the blog, the link for the same is provided.

Now, I started painting the bird and gave an initial wash on it, with Prussian blue on the body and mixture of Prussian blue and black on the tail. 

Then gave the second wash with a  bit of darker shades and made eyes, beak, claw, and the smaller and thin branches. Once it was dry, I gave a very thin wash of gum Arabic, to maintain the freshness of the colors and to make it slightly brighter.

And there it is!! My easy birdie painting is ready.

Hope you all liked it and want to give it a try.

Please share with me your watercolor creations. Drop me a message if you have any further queries.

Below is the detailed blog on how to paint a Birch tree (for the reference to paint the tree trunk).

How to Paint a Tree Right (Birch tree) with Water Colour


Below are the materials I used

1) Watercolor book

2) Mont Marte Watercolor

3) Brushes

4) Mixing plate

5) Gum Arabic

And of course water, pencil and tissue paper.


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