Wall Decor With Epoxy Clay

Hello creative friends, DT member Jyotirmoy Barman here today with a beautiful wall decor piece using Little Birdie archival multi-surface paints. First I want to say that Little Birdie multi-surface paints are amazing. I love the satin finish with great coverage. The multi-surface paints are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage and can be used on various surfaces including paper, clay, glass, metal, plastic, terracotta, ceramic etc. Now let’s see how I created my project.

Step -1

First I took a wooden pine shadow box and coloured it with Little Birdie archival multi-surface paints – Snow White and Icy Aqua.

Step – 2

Next, I made some shapes such as some houses, a tree and some leaves with Little Birdie ‘Shape It’ Epoxy clay .To make the houses I used a   cutter from the store. I added the impressions of a door and window on the clay shapes using clay tools.

Step -3

After that I applied multi-surface paint -Black Pearl on the clay shapes so that the  impressions which I gave with clay tools could be visible while applying  lighter shades of paints. To get a more vibrant look, I highlighted all the clay shapes with multi surface paints – Snow Dove with a sponge. Then I used Tangy Tomato, Iris Bloom, Dandelion, Icy Aqua, Snow Dove and Black Pearl.

Step- 4

Next, I applied Snow Dove on the edges of the wooden panel and stuck the clay shapes with heavy gel medium.

Step- 5

Thereafter, I applied Little Birdie crackle paste and craft pellet to give a texture of land and coloured it with multi-surface paint Lime Punch. Then I put a flower bunch and my decor piece was complete. Hope my project will inspire you. Thank you so much.

Some close-ups of my project

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Supplies Used:

  1. Wooden pine wall panel
  2. Little Birdie Shape It – Epoxy Compound
  3. Cookie cutter
  4. Clay tools
  5. Multi-surface paint – Snow Dove
  6. Black pearl
  7. Dandelion
  8. Apricot butter
  9. Icy Aqua
  10. Iris Bloom
  11. Tangy TomatoLittlebirdie heavy gel
  12. Little Birdie Crackle Paste
  13. Handmade flowers

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