Vintage Wooden Box

Hello all, welcome to another tutorial by Itsy Bitsy JToday, we shall make a vintage themed box. This is an easy DIY and looks exquisite. It requires very less time and effort to be made and is a great gift. You will definitely treasure this art work.
Materials required:

Wooden decorable (ready box)

Embellishments of your choice
Acrylic paint
Metallic paint
Tissue paper
Painting brush
Step 1 – Crumple a few tissue papers and flatten it
Step 2: Stick the tissue paper on the box with the help of Itsy Bitsy craft glue. Make the surface rough using your fingers
Step 3 – Trim the edges for a neat finish
Step 4 – Paint the entire box with black acrylic paint. This forms the base colour
Step 5 – Dab the metallic colour on the box using your finger tip or a pompom (Do not press too hard)
Step 6 – Dab the golden colour to add that vintage bronze effect
Step 7 – Colour a chipboard embellishment in metallic gold. You can also decoupage it to add a glossy finish
Our vintage themed decoupage box is ready. It has a rustic look to it and can act as a decorative piece. Let us know what you thought of this tutorial!! Happy Crafting J
Link to supplies:

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