Vintage Altered Glass Bottle

Hi friends, Priya Gajjar here today with a beautiful  altered glass bottle .

I have made this step by step tutorial  to give you some ideas  so that you can create a similar one too! So lets get started… 

First I took an old glass bottle and cleaned it properly and covered it   with  Stone Texture Paste – Crystal Sand with a sponge dauber .  Simultaneously  I also covered  some primed chipboards  with the same.  Once this dried I covered it all with Mixed Media Paste completely. 

Made few moulds using clay and stuck them on the bottle using  Heavy Gel Medium . Made 2 moulds for the crown and sandwiched them using Heavy Gel Medium and let it dry . Then I stuck the gear chipboard on the top of the bottle with the Heavy Gel Medium . Once this dried I put a blob of clay on the centre of the chipboard  top and fixed the clay mould forming a crown and let it dried properly for 20 minutes . Once dried, I rolled out more clay and formed a coil around the blob to cover it and made some lines with a scale to form a checkered pattern. 

Next,  I coloured the entire bottle with Chalk Paints – Muted Teal and Tattered Lace.

Next, I sprayed the entire bottle with Gold Alcohol Splash . Then I took few drops of Midnight Blue – Alcohol Splash and diluted  it with few drops of water and brushed it near the scroll mould giving a deep shadow effect. Thereafter, I rubbed the moulds and the bottle corners with Icy Glaze – Metallic wax 

Then I used the  Metallic Waxes  – Pewter  and Berry Glaze and rubbed them on the crown and moulds.

Next, I used  craft glue and made a border around the  front scroll mould and on the crown borders and sprinkled them with Metal Microbeads – Silver Cloud And done!! The amazing crowned bottle is ready 

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial . Have a great day ahead.


Materials used:

Stone texture  paste  Crystal Sand, Mixed Media  Paste, Heavy gel medium,  Chalk paints – Tattered Lace and Muted Teal, Gold Alcohol Splash – Midnight Blue  and Pure Gold, Glue, Metallic Waxes in shades – Icy Glaze,  Berry  Glaze and Pewter. Primed chipboards.



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