Vibrant Quilled & Mirrored Mandala Dangler

Hi, I’m Kunali and today I’m sharing a tutorial for an absolutely cute and vibrant dangler. It’s fairly simple but looks stunning. 

For this dangler, I’m going to be using multiple colours of 3 mm quilling strips, some glue and mirrors, and some small pearls for decoration. 

So, let’s begin. 

For starters, I’ve used emerald green, bright red, hot pink, yellow, black and turquoise strips. We’ll be making a simple mandala design using these strips. 

For the centre most coil, I’ve used 6 green strips of 3 mm width and a single black strip. Stick each strip together and start rolling with your quilling tool. Keep it a tight roundel and stick the strip. Now, make it into a bowl and keep it rounded and spread a good amount of glue within to make it stiff. 

In the same way, make rolls from the other colours. For the Yellow and blue roundels, I’ve used 4 strips with a single black strip at the end. 

For the Red and pink roundels, I’ve used 2 strips of colour and a single black strip each. 

The blue rolls have been shaped into squares and the red ones have been given a leaf shape. 

Arrange them as shown. Stick each element separately using a good amount of PVA glue so it stays stuck well. 

Alternatively, you can make any design you like. I have made 1 roundel for the green, 5 of the yellows, 5 of the reds, 10 of the blues and 10 of the pinks. 

Once you’ve made the design, use the mirrors as I’ve shown. Fit them into the bowls of each element. I have used pearls for the red petals. You can use tiny round or pear shaped mirrors too. 

Once you’ve stuck the mirrors as shown, flip the mandala and apply a mixture of PVA glue and some water. The ratio is 2:5 for glue and water. It keeps the shapes strong and gives it a gloss. I have also stuck some pearls as shown below. You could add any other design elements to it if you like. 

Et voila, your vibrant quilled mandala dangler is ready. You can give it as a gift to brighten someone’s home, make a smaller design and use as a fridge magnet, or stick a bigger version of this on an MDF circle and keep it on your mantle. Use it on greeting cards or even as car danglers! 

I hope you liked this design and give it a try. If you do make it, please tag Itsy Bitsy and me. 

I have used the below materials to make this craft. They are all listed below. 

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Itsy Bitsy Quilling Tool – With Wooden Handle

PVA Glue



Itsy Bitsy Cut Mirror 60gm- Round

Itsy Bitsy Cut Mirror 60gm – Round Tiles

Mont Marte Gallery Series Brush Set Acrylic- 4pc, Set 1

Quilling Strips (3mm)

Jute Cord

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