Venetian Masquerade- A Mask Candle Holder

Hello Lovelies……..

This is Hema here today sharing with you all  my new work… a Venetian Mask candle holder.

This month we are totally focused on our newly launched shades of CHALK PAINTS.  These are very smooth, quick drying, easily soluble with water. Also, you can mix them with mediums like- texture pastes, heavy body gel, soft gel mediums. You can use them on any home decor, altered art, canvas, paper, wood bases. The quick drying paints give more coverage with a single coat and the colors are a treat to the eyes. They are also very reasonable on your pocket.

Here is the color range of the new matte finish Chalk Paint shades which are bright and lovely.

So let me share my tutorial with you all and hope this inspires you guys to create and explore the possibilities!

Step: 1

  • I have used a tea candle holder MDF base for my project. I have primed it with white gesso.
  • Once the gesso dried, I coated it with gold acrylic color and heat set it. Later added Little Birdie One Step Crackle Medium  and allowed to dry over night.
  • Next, I added chalk paint on the surface and I had lovely cracks on the base. I wanted to give a vintage patina effect….hence went for an added shade of goldenTinted Metallic Paint.

Step :2

  • Next I have taken cheese cloth, a face mask, resin for the further process.
  • Also, I coated the base again with chalk paint and have covered the cracks……and later rubbed wax on the MDF plank.
  • Next, I used  Little Birdie two step Crackle Medium and allowed to dry.

Step 3:

  • Thereafter, I used Little Birdie Fabric Stiffener for my Venetian Mask.
  • Add 5-6 spoons of fabric stiffener into a plastic bowl and add the cheese cloth or any fabric and soak it for some time and dry the cloth on  a plastic sheet …. so that its easy to remove once it is dry.
  • While the cloth is still wet, you can shape it according to your project requirement as you desire and allow it to dry.
  • Once it dried I used Chalk Paints to color the fabric and used black acrylic for the face mask.

Step 4:

  • Now my plank is ready with some golden and blue cracks . Then I used few art stones and a little piece of fabric which was stiffened with stiffener here as a  base to my mask.


  • I  used chalk paints to color my mask and also on the base where I had added art stones. I also added Little Birdie glitter paint onto the fabric for more shine and texture. Also added few metal charms on to the mask for a Venetian look.
  • Lastly, I sealed the painted areas with Soft Gel Medium Matte, you can even use varnish for sealing the project….its totally your choice!!
  • Here are few close up shots:

Hope this little project share would inspire you guys and  tickle your creative brains.

I hope you liked my project …….. don’t forget to take part in this month’s Blog Challenge. We truly love to see what you guys come up with!!


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Materils used:



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