Upcycled Tray Centerpiece

Hello August and my creative friends!

Manasa Priya here today! The festive season begins in India! That simply means more guests at home and some enthusiastic home decorating efforts for everyone! I decided to do a makeover for an old tray which was lying unused for a long time.

For this project, I planned to make it waterproof, so that it could be used as a  centre piece for the table. For that, my main focus remained on Stone Texture Paste and resin .

Now let’s get started with the details about how I revamped this tray to give it a shabby chic look in beautiful off-white and pink shades.

Step 1: I primed the entire surface in white gesso. It helps in overriding the previous colors and also allowed better adhesion of the fresh paints.

Next, I painted the edges and the back with chalk paint colors Pink Ballet and Misty Rose.

I chose this subtle print from the botanicals collection for the base. There is a huge selection of decoupage napkins to choose from at Itsy Bitsy. Using Deco Magic decoupage glue, I pasted the napkin at the center and applied home decor varnish all over.

Thereafter I added Little Birdie Stone Texture Paste on the edges. The Stone Texture Paste has real grains of sand and is wonderful for giving a stone like sturdy finish. Allowed it to dry overnight so that it becomes permanent.

After applying the texture paste I went ahead and added resin to the base over the decoupage surface.

It is really easy to use Little Birdie Resin. Mix equal proportions of resin and hardner in a plastic disposable bowl. Using a stick mix both the components well, without forming bubbles .

I added few natural mica flakes to the resin to add a little sparkle.

Allowed the resin to cure overnight. Always keep it n an over an even surface. Leave it to become transparent and hard. Using Stone Texture Paste and resin makes this tray waterproof.

Now I added few artificial flowers which I picked from the store. I arranged them over some wooden balls to add a more interesting look.

I hope you enjoyed looking into the making of this project.

Here is one more project using resin, artificial flowers, decoupage techniques and stone texture paste.

Listing out all the products used in the above projects:





White Gesso    

Decoupage Glue

Home Decor Varnish

Pink Ballet chalk Paint

Misty Rose chalk paint

Stone Texture Paste

Resin and hardener

Wicker balls

Until next time.. ❤

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