Tropical Foliage Clock with Glitter Fabric Paints

Hi everyone,DT Serene here, welcome back. Hope  you all are doing well and are creating beautiful art for our ongoing  blog challenge no 29.

Today I am sharing with you a beautiful and fun project using the fabulous  glitter fabric paints. They are an absolute delight to work with. I was inspired by the foliage of the tropical forests for this project, and the lush green colour go beautifully well with the monsoon season.



1. I have used a 10 X 10 inch wooden  decorable circle. Drill a hole in the centre to fit the clock mechanism.

2. Paint with 3 coats of Little Birdie chalk paint – Snow (white), drying in between each coat. .Let it dry completely for 2 to 3 hours.

3. Take a clean white, ironed piece of cloth preferably cotton. Lay it below the wooden decorable and trace out the circle.

4. Cut out a circle leaving a border of around 2 inch around the circle.

5. Apply a thin coat of fabric Deco Magic glue over some part of the painted wooden decorable. Slowly attach the fabric spreading more Deco Magic, smoothing it out as you stick. Let it dry completely.

6. I drew a rough image of the foliage, with any HB  pencil. Included a hibiscus, few magnolias to add a pop of colours, few palm fronds and tropical leaves.

7. Paint the image lightly with Fevicryl fabric paints(magenta for hibiscus, shades of green for the leaves with some lemon yellow and flesh tint for magnolias). Use very minimal water to dilute the paints, else they can bleed. I have dry brushed a few leaves. This is to give more definition to your painting. Let it dry completely.

8. Once it’s dry, apply the glitter fabric paints over the Fevicryl paints. For the hibiscus l have used Salsa Twinkle in the centre and Cherry Sparkle and Rosy Shimmer for the petals. For the palm fronds I have used Lemon Glint, Lime Glint and Ginger Sparkle. For the dark tropical leaves I have used Pine Sparkle and highlighted it with Sparkle Pool. Let it dry. Apply a thin layer of Deco Magic fabric glue over the painted surface.

9. I have outlined the leaves with dimensional paint Christmas Green,the flowers in iridescent glitter and and a bit of Shiny Brown for the centre of the hibiscus and few palm fronds. Let it dry overnight.

10. ln the meantime, I have rolled some Thai clay and cut out number 3 , 6, 9, 12 using a cookie cutter. Let them dry overnight.

11. Once all the numbers are dry, paint them with Little Birdie chalk paint – Charcoal . Apply a layer of Teal Glint over it, and outline the border with dimensional paint Shiny White and let it dry.

12. Once dry, stick them on the circle just like on the clock using silicon glue.

  1. Attach a hook hanger at the back to hang the clock. Fix the clock mechanism to the circle and attach the clock hands. If the mechanism is loose at the back,  you can use a few drops of silicon glue to stick it to the circle. Apply a coat of Little Birdie Decor Varnish and let it dry. Your beautiful clock is ready.

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Products used

Wooden decorable circle

Glitter fabric paints


Deco Magic fabric glue

Fevicryl fabric colours

Thai clay



Flat brush set


Chalk paint


Decor Varnish gloss

Dimensional fabric paints

Frame hook hanger

Silicon glue

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