Trending Christmas Crafts to make & Sell in 2022


The festive season and buying spree everywhere. How about we make some trending crafts in home decor to sell? Be it in your next pop-up store, an exhibition or the festival market, these would sell like hot cake.

Here are five cool crafts that you can make and sell this year!

1.  Frosted Flower Tea light Candle Jars 

For this, we need 3″ candle jars, dried pressed flowers and foliage, decoupage glue and varnish and some glitter  (optional).

Begin by applying a thin layer of decoupage glue on the glass jar and spread it evenly. Stick pressed flowers and foliage.

Once the glue has dried completely, add a top coat of decoupage glue to make sure everything is sealed. It also brings out a frosted glass effect, once dry.

Once everything is completely dry…coat it with a layer of varnish.

To give that festive touch, I sprinkled some glitter while the varnish was still wet. This is an optional step. I wanted my glass jar to be translucent with the flowers showing while the candle burns. But, you can also add some paint or shimmer on the inside of the jar to make it colorful. This is how the frosted flower candle holder looked once done. Isn’t it pretty?

2. Decorated Pillar Candles

I got some golden pillar canes from the Itsy Bitsy Christmas collection. They come in a box of 4. This is a very easy to make project but looks very elegant.

I took few poinsettias and mulberry leaf prints and fussy cut them to transfer them on to the candle

You can choose whatever elements you please and transfer them gently onto the pillar candle. Once it is done, go ahead and varnish it.

Add few glue dots to stick some glitter to add some extra interest.

For the other candle, I wrapped a Christmas ribbon and leaf twine and added handmade poinsettia to give a 3D


These candles would make a great addition to your Christmas arrangements and table top decor .

3. Minamalist Textured Canvas

It’s all about aesthetics these days and minimalist art is in trend. Adding textures and subtle shapes can enhance any space. You need a canvas, texture paste, paints and texture or combing tools if any.

I began by adding some Little Birsdie Grainy Texture Paste from the top and spread it evenly. You can use a scale or an old ATM card or something similar to spread it, if you do not have a palette knife.

Inorder to add fine lines, I used an old comb and swept it from the top to the inside.

I wanted to create rainbow like structures. You can use texture tools or your fingers to create the texture you like.

Add some colors or glitter inside the grooves or leave them as is, if you like.

I painted the entire canvas with white chalk paint.

And this is how the canvas looked….aesthetically pleasing and beautiful! Look at all those lovely textures !!

4. Photo Baubles

Itsy Bitsy has these cute acrylic baubles that can be opened and customised.

I began by tracing the photo insert given in the bauble onto the glitter sheet.

I cut the glitter sheet in shape and added circular images.

Take a chipboard wreath and color them using alcohol markers or paints.

Embellish the photos using chipboard, foam stickers, etc. as per your choice.

Now, add beads, glitter, fillers into the bauble shells. Place the images on the inside center and close them.

Your customized photo baubles are ready !!

5. Boho Christmas Wreath

We would need some aluminium wreath base, floral tape, glue gun and embellishments for this project

Begin by sticking two aluminium circles together using a floral tape and wrap a ribbon around them.

Start adding handmade flowers and foliage as you please.

Now, make a bow and hanging using the silver shimmer ribbon.

Embellish using a chipboard. I have added glitter onto it to match the ribbon.

And the boho looking wreath is ready! It’s so easy to make and it looks very aesthetic, isn’t it?

Thank you all so much for stopping by at the blog today. Would love to see what you have created. Share it with us @upcycledbymanasa and @itsybitsycraftstore over FB Or Instagram, we would love to give you a shoutout.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!








By Manasa priya

Crafter & Designer @upcycledbymanasa

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