Thooli Art with Gold Gilding Flakes

Hello and welcome back to another blog with DT member Divya Balasubramanian. Today, I have come back with super idea of using gilding flakes on sketching. Everyone can do this and you need no artistic skill. So, let’s get started with it. I took a cartridge sheet and made a traditional “Thooli Art” drawing on it. This kind of art is also know as pictorial designs.  I  simply made this design of Yashoda and Krishna with Little Birdie – Gilding flakes . Next, I have used charcoal pencil and paper blenders to give it a 3D effect.

So this is my project.

Make whatever traditional form of art you want to make. I have  made this Thooli Art, design inspired by Artist  Shaji Subramanian. Just draw it with a pencil.

Then I have done the outline with Micron pen and colored some areas with black to give depth.

In the next step take gilding glue and apply it on jewelry and in some places in clothes, pots, background designs and where ever you feel is apt for your design. In some of the places I have used a fine tip brush to apply the glue.

After the glue is dry completely it becomes sticky. Now take the golden flakes place them the glued area. And then take any brush , I have taken a makeup brush here , and gently remove the extra flakes.

After the foiling is done I have again used my micron pen to give finishing.

Then I have used charcoal pencil and  blenders to give 3D effect. So I want my figure which is the main object to get highlighted so, around it I have used dark shades.

Lastly, I have used red colour pencil here and there to add a little contrast. I hope you guys got inspired by my project.

Sharing the material links used in the above project:

Little Birdie Gilding Glue- 50ml, 1Pc

Gilding Flakes Gold- 15g

Micro Fineliner 0.1mm Tip- 1 Pc

Mont Marte Pastel and Charcoal Blenders -7 pcs

Apsara Charcoal Pencils 3 pc



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