The Magic of Little Birdie Crackle Mediums

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this is Suman here with you with a project showcasing the Little Birdie Crackle mediums. I have used both the One step and Two step Crackle mediums by little Birdie in this set of tags.

Crackle Medium -100ml , Rs 120

Little Birdie’s easy one step application Crackle Medium is great for creating a wonderful antique look of aged paint. The easy-to-use Crackle Medium can be used on various surfaces like wood, paper, canvas, glass, metal, terracotta and more. The piece which you are working on will get a fantastic worn and aged look. This water based crackle medium works well with Little Birdies Chalk Paints, acrylic paints and similar mediums. It is non-toxic and dries clear. You can try it out on wooden furniture, decorative wooden alterable, pieces of wall art or other projects.

How to Create a Crackled Finish with One Step Crackle Medium

You can easily recreate the authentic look of old paint with Little Birdie’s Crackle Medium in three easy steps

Step 1) Apply a layer of acrylic colour to your surface and allow to dry, this is the colour that will show in between the cracks. In the tags above  I have used Little Birdie Charcoal Chalk Paint as a Base coat.

Step 2) Apply the Crackle Medium Using a synthetic-bristle brush, apply an even coat of Crackle Medium making sure that you do not over-brush. Allow this coat to fully dry. Remember that the thicker the layer the bigger the cracks.  I have used Little Birdie one step Crackle Medium on the background of both the tags.

Step 3) Apply your top coat of Paint. If you have a basic coat of paint, make sure the top coat is in a contrasting color. Do not over-brush. As the paint begins to dry, you’ll see cracks start to appear in the finish. I have used Little Birdie SnowDriftwood and Sailing Sky Chalk paint.

Tips: To produce larger, more prominent cracks add a thicker layer of the crackle medium. Do not over-brush your crackle medium or top coat as that may affect the final look of the cracks in your work, so just apply with a soft brush and then leave it to air dry to create its magic

I love the fine cracks I got …I have used multiple layers of crackle and top coats in the background…….I also wanted to use the Little Birdie Two step crackle Medium so have used it on the die cut frame and the images…………..

TWO STEP CRACKLE MEDIUM -100 ml each  Rs. 299

You will love Little Birdie’s pack of Two Step Crackle Medium if you love creating aged, vintage projects with visible cracks. Its a wonderfully simple way to create cracks within minutes and is also great for decoupage projects.

Product Features:

  • Great for adding a crackled, antique effect to creative projects in 2 simple steps.
  • Can be used on different paint mediums like acrylic and oil and also on decoupage sheets.
  • Multi-surface friendly, including wood, glass, metal, ceramic, plaster, paper, terracotta and more.
  • This package contains 2 bottles including a Basecoat (Step 1) and a Topcoat (Step 2).
  • Water based and dries transparent. Clean up with soap and water.
  • Non tacky, non toxic.

How to Create a Crackled Finish with Little Birdie’s Two step Crackle Medium

Create an aged crackled effect with Little Birdie’s Two step Crackle Medium in two easy steps. Use on top of painted decorative designs or decoupaged projects to get a clear crackle effect.

Step 1)  Step one, medium seals your surface

Step 2) Step Two, medium crackles

Both steps dry clear. Cracked effect can be enhanced/antiqued by using a dark color Acrylic wash, Pigment inks or Metallic waxes on top and wiped with a damp rag to highlight the cracks.

Tips: Apply the Crackle Medium Using a synthetic-bristle brush, apply an even coat of Crackle Medium making sure that you do not over-brush. Allow both the layers to fully dry.

I have used the two step crackle medium on the die cut frame and on the image and later used the same shades of Sailing Sky and Snow Chalk paints to enhance and distress the crackle effect.

Some texture stamping with black archival Ink  is done on the background, the sentiments are computer generated.

I created some more work with the crackle mediums to show that they work with Acrylic paints too….the following is an upcycled box which is simply transformed using chalk, acrylic colors and one step Crackle medium…already shared on FB but sharing here just to show that a thicker layer of medium results in big cracks……… Here the base layer is Sailing Sky Chalk Paint and simple yellow acrylic color as the top coat….

I do hope you find this post helpful….it was a pleasure for me to work with these amazing products , thank you so much for having me on the blog today….I would be happy to answer any queries you may have about these mediums……

much love




  1. Thanks for sharing this …lovely outcomes of both the mediums….
    ……have been trying to use 2 step for long now, but haven’t had success….will try once again over the weekend using ur tip, and see if can get a hit 🙂

    1. thank you Hina, pl do share your trials …and check with us if you have any further queries !!

  2. Just fabulous loved them totally awesomely stunning well explained post too like always you rocks ❤

  3. Wow, love the beautiful tags. Also love your explaination on how to use both the ” One step ” & ” 2 step” Crackle mediums, very informative post!

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