The Itsy Bitsy Craft Flowers Challenge

We are overjoyed to announce that we are rolling out our second challenge. We know how much you love our craft flowers, so what better way to celebrate this beautiful embellishment than to build a challenge around it? At stake for 2 talented winners is a voucher of Rs. 1000 each from so saddle up and get crafting.

Here are the guidelines of the challenge:
  1. You can make anything you like as long as it is NOT a card, scrapbook or invitation.
  2. You must incorporate craft flowers in the project.
  3. At least one set of craft flowers should be from Itsy Bitsy (
  4. The contest closes at midnight on 31st July 2012.
  5. In order to submit your entry, click on the blue box provided below, add your image and link to your blog.
  6. Each participant can submit a maximum of 3 entries. 
  7. Participants can withdraw entries at any time before the contest closes by deleting their submission.
  8. Backlinking to old projects is not permitted.
  9. 2 winners will be selected and will receive a voucher of Rs. 1000 each, redeemable at

To give you a taste of the craft flowers on offer, here are some of our flagship products. You can shop for these and other craft flowers by clicking here.



    And if you’re wondering how we created the photo frame pictured at the top, we took great pleasure in using our brand new product, a craft photo frame. We embellished it with some of our craft flowers, a few petite daisies, a splash of paint and voila, we had a one-of-a-kind piece, perfect to showcase special moments.

    Happy crafting People!


    1. wow this is good challenge. very happy to found your blog. i wanted to ask that i have heard that you are going to open your store in mumbai so where and when it will be? and the other thing that when you are going to introduce your own dies and embossing folders also?

      one request please turn off word verification

    2. Hi Asmita, since we only very recently opened our Delhi store, it's going to be a while before we firm up any plans on opening another store. We will have our own Embossing Folders in 2 – 3 weeks, dies will be available hopefully in 5-6 weeks.
      Looking forward to seeing your creation for our Challenge. Happy Crafting!

    3. It's great to hear you love our boutique collection. We really try to keep innovating and creating stuff that crafters like yourself will appreciate. Thanks for entering our challenge – I've added your link to the rest of the submissions. All the best!

    4. hey what does no backlinking means ?is it u need to make a project after the challenge was announced and 2nd u need to submit the project the day u post about it right ??
      i mean if u post it today/anyday and linked it to challenge after some days it should be disqualified.

    5. Megha – no backlinking to old projects means that the project should have been created after the challenge was announced. If you took a few days to submit it, that's ok.

    6. Hi Dear, I am here with my rakhshabandhan card. This card has been featured in too. This time I was in love with itsybitsy products truely… n my shopping was in thousands from itsy bitsy… loved it.

    7. Hi Bhawana – Nice to hear that you like our stuff. Craft can be a really magnetic hobby. We take great pains to stock a wide variety of all types of craft supplies to support the needs of our extremely creative and passionate clientele – crafters like you.

    8. Hi Shubhra – sorry for taking so long to revert. Albums are a bit too close to scrapbooking layouts so we we won't be considering it for evaluation. However if you want to share for others to see, please go ahead and submit.

    9. Hey i want to add another entry…but it's not taking it…every time brings me back to collection page…..saying entry already exists….
      thought i had run out of time ,but the clock on your challenge page still shows after refreshing that their is still 1 hr 7 mins remaining…..
      PLZ HELP….

    10. hey 🙂 A few more suggestions 1.project should be entered on the same day when post is made becoz might be sumone had made a project(like it matches clr,or any emblishment) which fullfills yr challenge but not intended to specially enter yr challenge or made for yr challenge… just by chance some one comes across yr challenge and links up this will not be fair for others.:(coz others r specially making projects for yr challenge

      few other rule that evey 1 follow r
      1. add a link to yr challenge(this post on their blog)
      2.submit the blogpost not the blog

      These r specific rules that every ones follow….so it will be fair for EVERYONE…..:))

    11. Thank You so much….
      wish i have been able to enter the recycle bottle lamp shade too…
      it was good fun…

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