The Itsy Bitsy Bead Bar – A Bead Revolution

For all you craft aficionados looking for jewelry and scrapbooking accessories, look no further. Itsy Bitsy has come out with a truly revolutionary approach to bead sales. No longer are you forced to buy set quantities, nor are you dependent on a counter salesman displaying choices at his discretion. No! Now you can examine, view and choose at leisure the beads you want at the quantities you need.

Stop by one of the Itsy Bitsy stores in Bangalore and very shortly in Delhi and you will see what I mean – The Itsy Bitsy Bead Bar, a first of its kind in India. It’s a devoted section with an assortment of exotic glass beads, ceramic beads, resin beads, Kashmiri handmade beads, terracotta beads, silver plated metal beads , alpha beads and pendants. All the options are available right in front of you in baskets allowing you to  browse with ease, choose freely and pick up as many or as little as you like. The beads are sold by the gram, not by ‘packet of pre-defined numbers’. The cost is Rs. 2 per gram with a minimum purchase of 10 grams.

So the next time you’re thinking about embellishing a garment, or creating a one of a kind accessory, you know where you source your materials – The Itsy Bitsy Stores at HSR Layout, Banashankari and very shortly at Rajouri Garden New Delhi. All our products are also available at our online store –


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