The Blissful Nature – An Abstract Art!

The Blissful Nature!

I see the mountains , I see the fountains,

I see the forests and the green lush trees,

I see the water cascading down,

In the valleys through its ups and downs..

I see the magic, I see the beauty,

On the canvas of the Creator Divine !

I dream, I paint, with a small little trial,

Abstract it may be, with a pour of Art !

In the depth of its colors , in the flow of its splash ,

I feel in my heart a Bliss of life…

– Meraj Zaidi

Penned with love , inspired by the beauty and mysticism of this beautiful art, called by some as Fluid Art, some call it Pouring Art, I believe whats in a name when I feel its  Pouring Heart in the Art……its truly an Art from the Heart.

Hello Friends,

I am happy to be back yet again with a new inspiration using Little Birdie’s Acrylic Pouring Medium and Pouring Paints. I would just say that you have to own these and let your imagination flow with the sways and waves of these super awesome paints. A choice of good colour scheme, fusion of different techniques can get a soulful life on any blank surface. Be it a  canvas, cold pressed watercolour panels, MDF, wood, metal etc…

After using these awesome paints, I have found in me a lovable addiction to seeing the beauty it spills and spreads on the surface you are working on. You have to feel this joy and delight when you pour your heart into it….

There are many techniques you can play with. The mixing of Pouring Medium and Pouring Paints in equal proportion is important as it forms a proper pouring consistency which does not allow the colours to mix with each other while pouring, prevents them to merge into each other and it doesn’t look muddy at all.

In the video below you can see how I am proceeding forward merging one technique over the other. I have started with the technique of Straight Pour (When you individually add color to your surface, building up layers )  forming puddle designs on the surface first. Adding over it is the Swipe technique using a plastic sheet. Slightly tilting it from different sides, I again repeated the straight pouring in different colours over it. I opted for the Golden Glaze Metallic Paint also which has delightfully added to the beauty of the final outcome.

I also used the blow of a hair dryer in controlled pressure and in desired directions to get the effect I had in my mind…and the magic was created….I call it ‘The Blissful Nature’ as you can see the abstract images of the waterfall cascading down through small rocks emerging and passing through the lush forests. Well, this is my perception. You might have a different perspective and whatever it will be, its surely going to be beautiful…!

Hope you like this creation and I can inspire you to create and share your art in the ongoing monthly challenge.

Since I love the beauty of flowers, could not resist  using the awesome Little Birdie’s handmade flowers here too 🙂

Do scroll down to have a look at the video tutorial and the close-up pictures to see the minute detailing of the merge, sways, cells, spills, and the spread of the beautiful pouring paints…




Thank you for watching the video!

Below is the list and link of the material used…

Thank you for stopping by…Happy Crafting to all…with lots of love…

Meraj Zaidi

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