Stunning Glittery Tray With Sparkle Paste

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This step by step tutorial is dedicated to all those who love to collect kitchen accessories or love to gift handmade kitchen utilities to there loved ones.

Little Birdie’s Sparkle Paste is one of the most amazing products for all the mixed media lovers. I have a huge collection of different types of glitters that I use with resin or with glue. But Sparkle Paste is a kind of glue with glitter and that makes it unique.

I love Sparkle Paste because it’s so easy to use. I have used this to make a stunning tray.

In the first step, I coated white gesso over the tray base. Once it dried, I used Little Birdie’s Lemon Zest Sparkle Paste with the help of a knife. Use the knife slowly to make the base smooth.


Can you see that shiny effect of the Sparkle Paste? It’s just awesome.

Let it dry properly.

In the next step, I took a stencil and used another beautiful shade of the same product- Arctic Shimmer with the help of a knife.

In the next step, I used Little Birdie’s chalk paint with random touches of Caribbean Teal on the side panels.

My most favourite butterfly die and beautiful paper flowers are there for decorating this tray.

I have distressed the edges of all the flowers with distress ink.

Next, I arranged them and pasted them with glue.

Now it’s time to colour the outer portion of the panel.

I have used the same two colours that I used in the inside panel. This time I used a sponge to paint it.

It looks really pretty.

Recently I got an amazing set of roller brushes in the store. Stencilling with roller brush will help you to get a smooth and plain surface.

Next, I used a waterproofed technical pen to highlight the stencil design.

This is how it looks in this step.

Distressed the panel edges with distress ink.

This tray is done if you want to use it as a decorative piece! Don’t forget to cover it with 3 coats of Varnish.

But make sure to use resin if you want to use this tray for serving.

A small tip when you use resin.

  1. First, seal all the paper flowers with fabric glue or decoupage glue.
  2. Use any varnish spray once the glue dries.

Hope these tricks are helpful for you all. Looking forward to your creations with these tips and tricks.


Seema Sinha

List of products I have used are as below:





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