Stenciled Polymer clay Hook earrings 

Hi all, Nithiya here with another polymer clay project. Today I will show you how I made hook earrings with stencil and polymer clay.
Polymer clay can be used in a variety of projects and this is my first project on jewellery. Below are the steps with pictures.
#1 – I took red and orange (yellow mixed with red) clay and mixed them gently to get fine marble clay.
#2 – I flattened them on a rolling board as shown in the picture with a rolling pin.
#3 – I gently pressed palm flourish stencil on the clay and rolled the rolling pin on it for impressions.
#4 – I used the brush tool and made some impressions on the palm design.
#5 – I used black metallic acrylic paint and painted the surface.
#6 – I carefully removed the stencil and cut them with a cookie cutter and obtained shapes as shown.
#7 – I took a wireform metal rod and covered it with the left over clay ( after cutting with cookie cutter) as shown in the image. I made holes on the clay for attaching the hooks and inserting the stick.
#8 – I gently removed the clay from the board and placed them on a small glass jar from my stash to get a curved surface.
#9 – I baked them at 120 degree Celsius for about 30 minutes. I gently removed them from the jar sanded them with extra fine sand paper and washed them with water.
#10 – With the help of jewellery tools I attached hooks to the shaped clay.
#11 – We can stop here or go one step further and finish it with some metallic wax and varnish.
We can customise the colours, shapes, stencils, to suit the attire and make earrings, curved hair bun clips, bracelets, pendants and many more. Jewellery designing made easy with polymer clay.
Few pictures of the finished earrings and hair bun clips with stick.
Materials used:
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See you all with another project!

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