Steampunk Goddess by Suman Pandit

Hello All, today we have an extremely talented blogger & crafter on our blog, Suman Pandit!
Suman absolutely loves Indian motifs and Handicrafts. Mixed Media, Altered Art and recycling is always big on her list. Hope you enjoy reading 🙂 Over to Suman.
Hello, everyone!
This is Suman here.
I am really thrilled to be here on the Ity Bitsy blog as I love all the products that Itsy Bitsy carries, I also love their commitment to social causes and making substantial contribution to generate rural employment and education.
I started my blog on March 2013 on an impulse. I am heavily inspired by Indian motifs and Handicrafts!! I Love to incorporate textures, layers and organic stuff like wood, twigs, dry flowers, jute/burlap, fabric etc in my creations!!I get fascinated by faces, leaves and birds and love to have these as focal point!! I love Mixed Media, Altered Art and recycling is always big on my list!!
Today, I have worked on the Paper-mache masks sent to me along with many other wonderful supplies from Itsy Bitsy Store.
Here’s a look at my creation first:
I was sent these supplies
I started with the white Mask and gave two coats of Black Gesso using a sponge…………… so happy with the smooth coverage by the Mont Marte Black gesso, just the right consistency and it gives a smooth matte surface !!
I added a lot of die cuts and metal embellishments with Silicon Glue by Itsy Bitsy. The silicon glue is fast drying and the bond is strong, moreover, as it is a rubber adhesive any extra glue can be easily removed by rubbing with an eraser even from paper.
Added some micro beads and stenciling with black modeling paste, you can also stencil with white modeling paste and use any color embellishments, die-cuts and Chipboard cut outs as everything gets covered with a coat of Black gesso in the next step……..
Now it time to dry brush with metallic paints in various colors till one is happy with the result. There are few tips and tricks you should keep in mind when you use this technique
Some tips for Dry Brushing Technique :
1. Dry brushing technique involves using a paint brush that has a minimum amount of paint on it and using it to highlight textures and edges.
2. It is best to use a flat brush for this technique.
3. Keep your brush at a 90 degree angle and lightly brush edges or raised areas. Start with a light touch and gradually build color/layers.
4. The secret to this technique is not to apply too much paint on your brush, it is a good idea to keep a spare paper on which you wipe your brush after taking paint on it before starting on your textured surface.
I really enjoyed creating this Steampunk Goddess for Itsy Bitsy……hope you get some tips and inspiration from today’s post. I would answer any queries you may have regarding this project.
Many thanks to Rashmi Harish and team itsy bitsy for having me here today.

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  1. It’s so good to see you on the blog, Suman! Your goddess is straight out of a medieval masked ball…opulent and mysterious <3

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