Stained Wood Dream Catcher Key holder

Hi creatives…
Let’s begin the blog with some positive thoughts. While we sit at home let us make the best of what’s still around. It is “Better to be busy than to be busy worrying”. Today, I have designed a project that’s simple & easy with minimal supplies.  Without further ado let’s start making the stained wood dream catcher.

Step 1:
Take a 7″ X12″ piece of pine wood. Apply a coat of wood stain with cotton (wear gloves while using wood stain), draw a semi circle on the top part of the base, paint with white chalk paint.
Now lets work on the background. Randomly create stencil pattern with white chalk paint, to make the background look subtle. Apply one more coat of wood stain on the stenciled background.

Step 2:
Now using a Mandala stencil, create pattern on the painted semi circle area on top & also create feather stenciled pattern to create a dream catcher.
Here I have overlapped 2 colors white & green.

Step 3 :
To highlight the design, redraw the stenciled pattern with black & white pen.
I have used white acrylic marker, white gel pen 0.5 tip &  black miro fine liner 0.8 tip.

Step 4:
I finished it with adding a positive quote with a stencil.
Also for utility purpose added multipurpose hook & made a key holder.

Some clicks of finished project.

Hope you all liked & will try it. 

Materials used:
1. Wooden plaque
2. Stencil×4-inch-1pc×4-inch-1pc×4-inch-1pc
3. Wood stain – Clove Brown
4. Chalk paint – Snow & Kiwi mojito
5. white Marker, Gel pen 0.5 tip & Micro fineliner 0.8
6. Multipurpose hook

Multipurpose Hook (1 hole) with Screws – 3pc
” Every dark cloud have a silver lining ”
Stay Home… Stay Safe…
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