‘Spring Blooms’ With Sculpture Paste

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For today’s post I have a project using Little Birdie Sculpture Paste. This Sculpture Paste is a decorative plaster for sculpture painting, 3D flowers and relief art. The paste is ideal for 3D designs, holds formations like thin petals and finer details well. Can be used with stencil, best applied with palette knife. It’s water based. For best results, allow it to dry naturally (do not force dry with a heat gun). After complete drying, you may apply varnish on the project to protect the work from moisture and UV rays. Drying time depends on the applied thickness. Can be used as a relief ornamental paste as well and it works well with Little Birdie’s one step Crackle medium.

(For best and prolonged shelf life, tightly close container after every use.) Now let’s see my project and the step by step procedure.

For this project first I have made the flowers on an acrylic plate mixing white Sculpture Paste with little red, to get that pink. For the leaves I have used green Sculpture Paste directly. However, to make variations in leaves I have added green pigment color and made few dark green leaves  too.

Step-1: First I took out little white Sculpture Paste on an acrylic palette and smoothened it out with a palette knife.

 Step : 2- As I planned to make pink flowers I add a little red colour with the white Sculpture Paste and made pink sculpture paste. In the same way I prepared a little yellow paste with a small amount of yellow colour for the flower centers.

Before starting with the flowers I would suggest you check this VIDEO for easy work with sculpture paste.

Step:3- For the flowers I have step by step pictures where you can see how I have arranged the first petal then the second and the third in the middle. The fourth petal from the left and the fifth from the right. For the pollen in the centre of the flower, I have put a small ball of yellow Sculpture Paste and using a  toothpick I gave that textured look. I have made six flowers in total in varying sizes.

Step:4- then I took an unbreakable white glass plate and roughly arranged all the flowers. Used a green green marker to make lines for the stems. This helps to get a rough idea about the arrangement. At this stage I took one picture of this arrangement for reference. Now I have to prepare the base of the glass plate.

 Step :5- In my first picture you can see I have applied Little Birdie white chalk paint. But later I decided to give a crackle effect so changed the base colour to green. On that I applied Little Birdie one step Crackle Medium. Dried it with a heat gun. Next, I gave a coat of white chalk paint with a sponge to get a fine crackled effect. I was so excited, I forgot to take a picture of that step and  started working with my next step. In the next pictures you will see the background.

 Step:6- For making the stems I took out Green sculpture Paste on to a palette and added a few drops of water, green colour and  a small amount of white glue to make a thin paste. I put that paste in a plastic cone and sealed it with adhesive tape.

Step:7- Here you can see the crackled effect. I again arranged all the flowers as per my referral picture and repeated the step of marking the stems with a green marker. ( I have used A C Moore green alcohol marker).

 Step:8- Used that green cone which I made previously to made stems and base of the flowers. At this stage I also added few flower buds.

 Step:9-  I have made the leaves with green Sculpture Paste and a long palette knife directly on my arrangement. (It is always better to make leaves directly with Sculpture Paste on the base, as arranging pre-made dried leaves always have chances of breaking)

Here is the complete arrangement. Now it’s time to give background colour, depth and highlights.

 Here I have used green, brown, pink, and yellow in my background. I have used very watery colors as I didn’t want a very dark background. I just wanted to give watercolor effect to my background..

 I have applied colour highlights on flowers and the leaves also. ( as you can see in this picture)

 See my completed project with background and highlights. In final stage I have use white chalk paint on all the flowers and leaves to highlight them. Some brown on edges to give a distressed look.

Next day when my project dried completely  I applied a coat of Decor Varnish – Matte and used one primed chipboard sentiment. Here is the final result. You can attach a hook at the back for a wall hanging option or use it on a wooden/acrylic stand.

Thank you for stopping by! See you soon with my next post…till then keep crafting and  take care

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  1. https://www.itsybitsy.in/products/art-supplies-craft-paint-chalk-paints/little-birdie/home-decor-chalk-paint-snow/pid-12929430.aspx


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