Snowflake Christmas Hanging Decor – Daisy

Hello everyone! Daisy here. Are you’ll excited to see what I have in store for you today? Let’s get started!

Today I made a MDF snowflake that can become a wonderful Christmas decor. I picked the snowflake from the newly launched Frozen themed collection. Since every snowflake is unique if you try this out expect to get a unique snowflake.

For this we will need resin, resin pigments, a snowflake cutout, a measuring scale, a paper cup, a popsicle stick (I have used a plastic one here) and gold foil.

Before starting with the DIY, please make sure to use safety gear when working with resin. Please use a respirator and gloves.

First, I mixed the resin and hardener in the proportion of 2:1 using a measuring scale. I took the measurements in grams. First I poured resin in a cup.

Next, I poured the hardener. Since it is a 2:1 ratio resin, the quantity of the hardener will be half the quantity of resin.

After pouring both the resin and the hardener, I mixed it for 3 minutes and then let it sit for 1-2 minutes, so that the bubbles in the resin are released.

I divided the resin into 3 parts. In one part I added silver glitter, in one part I added white and in the other, I added white and a little blue.

I let resin thicken for sometime, for around 30 mins.

I sealed the back of the snowflake cutout using a masking tape and cut the tape in the shape of the cutout.

Place the cutout on 2 paper cups and make sure it is levelled.

I started with applying the resin with silver glitter in the center.

Next, I put a layer of blue around the glitter layer.

Finally I added the white around the blue layer.

I left this to cure for 18-20 hours.

After it cured, I removed the masking tape from the back and add a string to the back.

Your unique snowflake is ready.

Do tag us if you make this piece!

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Products used in above DIY:


Resin Pigment (White):

Resin Pigment (Blue):

Fairy Dust:

Masking tape:

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