Snowflake and Christmas Tree Home Decor Kunali Shah

Hi, I’m Kunali and today, I’m going to show you how to make cute snowflake in a Christmas tree home decor art. It’s simple to make and can be created fairly quickly. This could go with your Christmas decor and also work as a great Christmas gift. 

For starters, I’ve used the same box the snowflake came in.Depending on the thickness of the cardboard, I’ve cut the cardboard into 9 pieces of 1 inch width.

6 of the strips will be 9” in length and 3 of the strips will be 7” in length. 

Now, we’ll stick 3 strips together as shown. Give each of them a cut with a cutter at an angle as shown and cover it with ornamental paper. 

Now, stick all 3 components together. The 7” one will be the base and the 9” ones will sit at the top to make a triangular Christmas tree. Keep this aside to dry. 

Now, we’ll work on the snowflake. 

I’ve taken a snowflake cutout and coloured it with silver and blue metallic colours on both the sides. 

Make tiny diamond shapes with silver strips of paper and make tight roundels with blue strips of paper and stick as shown. 

Thereafter, thread the snowflake and add some pearls for added glitz. 

Once that’s done, stick it to the tip of the Christmas Tree so the snowflake is hanging beautifully in the middle of the tree. 

And voila, your beautiful snowflake & Christmas Tree home decor is ready to be revealed.

I hope you like this craft and give it a try. 

I have listed the products I have used for this project. 

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PVA Glue

Monte Marte Metallic Acrylic colours

Monte Marte Brush Set

Paisley Paper Mocha

Paisley Paper Forest Green×12-inch-1sheet


Nylon Cord

Quilling Strips


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