‘Serenity’- Mixed Media Glass Lamp with Craft Cement

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As you all know this month Itsy Bitsy blog challenge #19 is all about  Little Birdie Craft Cement! You can make anything with this wonderful product. For more details please click HERE

There are amazing videos on how to make various craft projects with cement  all over Facebook and Youtube. So,  you have lot of inspiration and  ideas available for making some wonderful and cool stuff with this amazing product. The DT team also has some fantastic ideas to keep you inspired.

For today’s inspiration post  for Craft Cement  I have made a mixed media on bottle. So let’s get started….

I have done mixed media on a glass bottle with Little Birdie Craft Cement and reverse glass decoupage technique. Used light fitting inside the bottle to use it as  a nice lamp or a glowing show piece.

Step by step instructions:

Step-1: first I selected a plain glass bottle without any design on it.  After washing it with hot water and removing the label, I dried it properly and finally gave it an alcohol cleaning.

Step:2– Next, I selected a tissue..(here I had a concept of sitting Buddha inside a bottle).. so after selecting the tissue design I did reverse glass decoupage using Little Birdie Deco Magic. While decoupaging I made sure to do it in a that it covers the rear sides leaving little area in front. This would allow us to see the Buddha figure inside the bottle. After everything was dry, I put a second coat of decoupage glue and dried it properly. Next, I gave a coat of white gesso on the entire bottle, just leaving some parts as you can see in the picture.

When the gesso fully dried, I gave a coat of matt varnish so my decoupage remains intact. Now, I could do the mixed media work on it without damaging my design.

 Step:3– I made craft cement and water paste in a container.

 In another plastic bowl I dipped cotton fabric in water.  You can use any fabric. Mine is poplin. After squeezing extra water from the fabric, I dipped it in the cement mixture. Here I added some white glue also to make the fabric more tacky. Once the fabric got totally covered with the cement, I started sticking it on bottle. I have used some gel medium for sticking it to the bottle.

I have used two pieces of cloth. One from right to left and the second from left to right covering the entire back and top of the bottle,  leaving the little glass  in front through which you can see my decoupage Buddha inside.

 While sticking the cemented fabric I tried to give it some folds for a raised, dimensional look.

To speedup the process, I used a hair dryer. That helped in setting the cement faster.

Step:4- Now, I used Little Birdie Thai clay to make some mould designs. It’s best to use Thai clay because after drying it remains flexible. You can stick it as you want. (air dry clay becomes hard and can be used for flat sticking). I find Little Birdie Thai clay very soft and easy to use and really flexibility.

I let the Thai clay and my cement work dry overnight. The next day, I used heavy gel medium to arranged the mould designs according to my requirement. Once they were dry, I used jute code, pearl beads to decorate by bottle further.

 Step:5-  Once everything was stuck and dried, I gave a coat of black gesso . I gave another coat of gesso to cover up any nooks and crannies.

When I was fully satisfied, I gave it a touch of blue with dry brushing. I wanted a antique metallic blue look so next I applied metallic pearl color with blue (everything with dry brushing technique).

 Finally added a touch of gold metallic paint with my fingers  to  highlight the raised areas.

I have put few pebble inside the glass bottles. Fitted with the bottle cap light and added matching tiny flowers.

After waiting for a day, I finally I gave a coat of

Little Birdie matte varnish. Here is how my finished project looks.

Hope I have inspired you with my project. Can’t wait to see your creations with Craft Cement. Please share your creations and keep playing!

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  1. This is amazing. Fabulous.. daksha mam thank you for such an inspirational post and detailed pictorial.

  2. So so so creative…unique…appealing…plz share how u fixed the lights inside bottle n what kind…..????

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