Revealing the New Itsy Bitsy Design Team December 2020 – May 2021

For the last 6 months, we have enjoyed beautiful, unique, and inspirational projects brought to us by our talented Design Team members but now it’s time to say goodbye.

Thanks to all our lovely DT members Vidhu Thareja, Chitrali Das, Jyotirmoy Burman, Harshada, Tanvi Shah, Vini Gupta, Sabiha Khan, Serene George, Hema Bhat,  Priya Mishra,  Nithiya Devi, Roopashree, Daksha Popat and Sumedha Gadre.   We really appreciate your amazing creations and the way you enthused us week after week. We will truly miss you!

In this while, we have opened some new stores and the total count is now 27! Our most recent achievements were the store opening celebrations in  Korum Mall Mumbai and Mysuru (Karnataka). As usual, we celebrated with loads of deals, free demos, and online Live craft video.

Our home-brand Little Birdie has introduced a wide variety of of new products including the much loved new story themed paper packs along with  journaling cards, Ephemera embellishments, Multi-surface paints, Filament decoupage papers, Steam punk chipboards, Gilding glue, Gilding paste, new shades of Metallic waxes, Resin moulds, Resin pigments, Canvas etc.

As always, we continue to bring you quality products at par with international standards at pocket friendly prices. We are continuously working towards developing arty-crafty things and you will see a lot more from us very soon.

We welcome aboard our new Blog Design Team members  Swarna Raman, Divya Balasubramanian, Kriti Mishra, Vidhu Thareja, Nandhini Vasandan, Rashida Nivisha Jain, Virti Pankaj Mehta, Sri Gowri Rajesh, and Kasturi Mairal. We are extremely happy to have Vidhu Thareja  continuing with us for  a second  term.

We welcome aboard our new Instagram Design Team members, Seeni Balaji, Saniya Athiq, Neha Singh, Paridhi, Kavitha Anand, RaJ Mehta, Masoom Sanghi, Shabna Shafi, Mounika Mylarapu and Khushali.

We welcome aboard our new YouTube Design Team members, Jyotirmoy Barman, Kripa Koushik, Fathima Thabsheera Tashra,  Mazna Hashim, Devshri, Alisha Grover, Ankita Dey, Oviya Aadhira and Cassandra Rodrigues. We are extremely happy to have  Jyotirmoy Burman  continuing with us for  a second  term.

The new super talented & creative dream team is brimming with enthusiastic professionals who have varied interests & talents with one commonality and that’s….CRAFTING! Every week they will bring you wonderful, out of the box creations with different techniques and tutorials to inspire you in the best possible way in our Blog, Instagram and YouTube.

Hello, I’m Oviya, a self-taught artist from India. I was always interest in art and crafts but I took it up seriously only a year back. I am into watercolour & gouache. My paintings are mostly expressions of my feelings. My goal as an artist has always been to explore and amuse. To me, being an artist is all about being fearless, obsessive and constantly learning. There are no limits to what you can accomplish in this field! I am excited to be a part of Itsy Bitsy’s Design Team. I am so looking forward to sharing some inspirations with you.

Hi, I am Rashida Yusufi from Bengaluru. I am a student pursuing Interior Designing. Art is my obsession and I am a creator by choice. I started off by selling handmade bead jewellery and paintings as a hobby because art is something that always helps see through in times of chaos. For some time now, I have been majorly obsessed with resin art. My range is diverse and I’m not afraid to experiment and try out new designs. I am excited to be a part of this amazing team and am looking forward to sharing my creative ideas with you.

Hello, my name is Neha. I am an Architect, a product designer and a crafter. My educational background was already about creativity, which supported me a lot in my craft journey. Decoupage craft is my area of expertise. I just love how versatile this craft form is and what potential it has. I have conducted several workshops and exhibitions. Driven by curiosity, I want to learn more and more art and craft techniques and enrich my experiences in this field. It’s a great feeling to be a part of this wonderful Design Team.

Hello everyone, I am Nivisha Jain. Still a student pursuing psychology, fluid art is my new passion. This form of art helped me to remain positive during the lockdown in recent times. What I started as a fun thing to keep myself busy has now become my most loved hobby. Experimenting with fluid art, I discovered how relaxing and soothing it is to play with colours. I tried mixing new mediums on new bases and conducted few online sessions. I called them “fluid art therapy”. I am looking forward to share some inspiring fluid art ideas on the Itsy Bitsy’s blog.

Hi everyone, I am Paridhi Parikh. I left my job with a MNC to pursue my passion and turn it into a profession. I am an artist who makes customized gifts, and home decor like paintings, decoupage bottles, dream catchers and more. I believe handmade creations can add a cheerful look to any home. I am super excited to join this lovely group of creators. Can’t wait to share some exciting ideas with you all!

Hello, I am Mazna Hashim, a self taught paper craft artist from Kerala. Since my childhood I had a habit of collecting coloured papers, used bottles with which I created something new and attractive. My hobby turned into my passion and a source of income. Now, I take orders and customize home décor for my customers. Some of the things that I make are explosion box, scrapbook layouts, photo bottles etc. I will see you soon with some inspiring project ideas.

Hello everyone, I am Kripa and I have always loved art and craft since my childhood. Over the years, I have tried my hand on many art forms and started scrapbooking when I visited a scrapbook fair a few years ago. But true love struck when I discovered mixed media and suddenly possibilities became endless! This form offers so much by combining paints, textures, paper and more! I am thrilled to be a part of the Itsy Bitsy Design Team. Looking forward to share some inspirations soon!

Hi, I’m Srigowri Rajesh from Bangalore. Apart from being involved in craft, I’m a yoga instructor. I also love baking and take custom orders. I’m in the crafting field for the past 15 years, doing various art forms like jewellery making, mixed media, scrapbooking, decoupage, sculpture painting, and much more. 2 years ago, I had the privilege to learn sculpture painting from Evgenia Ermilova and since then, I’ve involved myself in this art. I’m really happy to be a part of this team and I would like to contribute my best to the creative industry.

Hello everyone, I am Masoom Sanghi from Jaipur, Rajasthan but presently live in Hyderabad with my family. Most of my paintings are inspired by the colours of the Earth & vibrant hues of the nature. I believe a dash of colour through paintings- sooths the mind internally & help us bring the best in us through which success becomes easily achievable. My paintings include God, flowers, landscapes from all over the world, traditional Indian Miniature & Kundan work paintings etc. I am looking forward to sharing some art inspirations with you.

I am Nandhini. I was a software engineer by profession but my passion for painting, art and craft made me choose a different path. I decided to go with my passion and became an avid crafter and gave life to my own creations through classes and workshops. I enjoy all craft forms and try to explore new techniques and trends. My primary interest is decoupage and mixed media which rekindles my imagination and innovation. I have tried my hand on other craft forms such as clay murals, flower making, scrapbooking, card making, candle craft, soap making, string art, pyrography, glass painting, oil and acrylic painting with decoupage and miniature works. I am thrilled to be part of this super talented group “Itsy Bitsy Design Team”. I’m looking forward to work with the ever growing list of world class product range of Little Birdie, and to work with like-minded crafters and inspire you all with my creations.

Hello Folks! I am an artist based out of Chennai. After starting out with a career in Commerce, I finally found my calling in arts. Art was something I have always been attracted to right from my childhood. After a course in Arts, I took to it as my full time interest. It’s been a roller coaster ride so far. I like experimenting with different mediums of art for murals, painting, and crafting. I also conduct arts, craft workshops and classes for murals, paintings, decor items etc.

Experimenting with masks is my personal favorite. While I am not crafting or working on art, I love to experiment with cuisines. Glad to be a part of this creative team. See you soon with some inspiring projects.

Hi! I am Kavitha Anand. “Am I just another artist who creates art to get away from reality? No. Art is life. Especially the medium resin and alcohol inks, where they are utterly erratic, mirroring life. The desire to learn this medium struck when I was at the beach, I’ve always loved the ocean and wanted to capture its essence somehow through art. That’s when I came across resin and its fascinating beauty.

My love for vibrant colours made me experiment more and worked my way into creating stunning patterns and abstracts. I love talking about what I do therefore I began conducting workshops. I hope to inspire many people with my story and journey as I was inspired.

Hello everyone, I am Shabna Shafi ,a young passionate paper crafting artist hailing from Kasaragod district, Kerala. I was always a lover of teeny tiny stuffs which I used to create. About 2 years back I turned it into a source of income. Now I successfully handle my business. I am thrilled to work with my favourite brand Itsy Bitsy as a designer. I excited to share my craft ideas with you

Hello Everyone! I am Virti Mehta from Surat, Gujarat. Since childhood I was always fascinated by art and craft. It turned into a profession when I was just 15. Papers played a very important role in my life and I’ve come a long way in my journey. I have been crafting from the past 6 years along with my graduation. It’s my privilege to be part of the Itsy Bitsy Design Team. I am so happy to get the chance to play around with their products. Waiting to inspire you with some of my creations!

I am Kriti Mishra, from Hyderabad. I have done my Masters in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) and was an Assistant Professor at a reputed engineering college. I took a career break for my kids and to follow my passion of crafting. I always loved making handmade cards and am into scrapbooking. Some of my favourites are making mini albums, mixed – media and flower making. I am learning new concepts each and every day to enhance my creativity. Super excited to be here and waiting to share my ideas with you!

Vidhu Thareja

Hi everyone, I am VidhuThareja. I am extremely happy to be a part of this talented team. I was born and brought up in Delhi and also completed my studies there. I started my carrier as a freelance translator and have also worked in the insurance sector for several years. However, due to some reasons I quit my job and that was the turning point of my life.

At this point, I got an opportunity to work with Madura Coats Pvt. Ltd. as a Craft Consultant for their Anchor Thread Craft activities. It gave me immense confidence and a feeling of fulfilment. It actually brought out the hidden crafter in me. I have been interested in crafts since my childhood but the thread craft workshops truly inspired me to start doing DIY activities and explore more crafting techniques. This is when, I came to know about Itsy Bitsy and since then there has been no looking back. Today, I am doing what I really wanted to do. Although every new technique and art form attracts me, but Decoupage and Sospeso are my favourites. I believe, learning never stops and so I welcome every opportunity as a path to learn something new.

Hello everyone! I am Jyotirmoy Barman, an artist from Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. I have been working on mixed media art, clay modelling, crafting for many years. I am very passionate about learning new things and creating something unique. My other interests include painting, making handmade flower, decoupage etc. I am very proud and happy to become a design team member of Itsy Bitsy. Looking forward to share many of my creations with you in the coming months.

Hello everyone, I am Mounika Gupta, an art enthusiast and crafter. During my education in Architecture and Interior Designing, I have learned and experimented with different art forms and how to use them in home decor. Now I involve myself in more than 30 different art forms in making and teaching. Being a passion driven artist, I turned my hobby into profession and started my own venture which is all about getting handmade art into modern interior designing. Upcycling projects and home decor are my favourite. I am glad to be a part of this talented team.

Hello, I am Seeni Balaji, an Engineering graduate and a working IT Professional from Chennai. I am a self taught artist who works with multiple mediums. I love to experiment with various methods, tools and materials and have been teaching for around 3 years. I have conducted 85+ workshops online/offline PAN India. I am happy to join this team of talented artists and crafters and am waiting to share my innovative ideas with you.

Hi, I am Saniya Athiq from Bangalore. I am Engineer and an entrepreneur. I have been involved in the field of art and craft for 4 years. I love creating handmade things and am amazed by the unlimited possibilities. I specialize in different art forms like decoupage, mixed media and paper crafting. Looking forward to create wonders with Itsy Bitsy’s product range.

Hi there! I am Aadhira Sambasivan from Kerala. Paper Crafting has always been my passion since a very young age. I enjoyed making greeting cards with whatever little supplies I had at home. I loved gifting handmade cards to my near and dear ones. My education was completely different from crafting, but I am happy that I took the decision to continue my passion along with my studies. Crafting is my happiness pill! I run my own venture of creating handmade products. I am extremely excited to be a part of this amazing team and am looking forward to inspire you with my creative ideas.

Hello, I am Cassandra. I found profound joy in art and craft since childhood, but it was only after I completed my M.Sc. in computer science that I started a serious craft journey with my YouTube channel. I love creating craft DIY’s, decoupage and upcycling old items. I would also like to mention that, ever since I started my art and craft Journey, I have attended a lot of free demo sessions conducted by Itsy Bitsy over the years. Without them, I wouldn’t have been where I am at today. I am really excited to be a member of this design team.

Hello I am Alisha. I run my art business. I am a B.Com graduate and made crafting my full time profession. Scrapbooking is my forte. I like to keep my work simple, elegant, yet unique. Genuinely, I feel my work somehow reflects the person I am. I am also passionate about sharing my work to inspire others. Looking forward to sharing my unique ideas with you.

Hi Ankita here! For me painting is just another way of keeping my diary. I was fond of drawing since childhood. Colours always mesmerized me. I believe in the simple philosophy – do what you love and love what you do! When I look at artwork by others I feel the experience isn’t complete until I have made something of my own. Recently I started exploring sculpture painting and I love it. Apart from that I have tried my hands on watercolor, acrylics and charcoal as well. I am excited about sharing my ideas with you on Itsy Bitsy’s blog.

I am Raj from Surat, Gujarat. I am a mixed media artist and a student of interior designing. I love trying out new techniques and products and to experiment with textures, mediums and layers to create dimensional projects. I am super excited to be a part of the Itsy Bitsy Design Team. The idea of being able to explore their mixed media range thrills me. Waiting to share some unique creations with you!

Hey everyone, I am Khushali Shah. Since Childhood, I was always drawn towards making something,. I did not mind, if that meant getting my hands dirty in the mud. Making sculptures of my imaginary friends or scribbling on the walls of my house and being scolded by my mother was a regular feature. It started with creating pieces of artwork as a hobby but soon became something I wanted to do every day. It is this freedom of creative expression that makes me want to indulge in it a little more every day. I am a self taught & trained artist and a crafter and had some formal training only in school. I am a professional tea taster and while tea-tasting is my lifeline, art/craft is my passion. Excited to be here and waiting to share my creative ideas with you.

Hello, I am Fathima Thabsheera Tashra, a student of B. Pharma. Crafting is my hobby and passion. I loved crafts since childhood and recently started to showcase my craft work on social media. That led me to take orders and give mu passion a professional flavor. I really love to turn papers into beautiful stuffs and make different kinds of explosion boxes. I also practice calligraphy, scrapbooking, and glass painting, home decor craft etc. I am super excited to be on this team.

I am Devshri Chandrakar aka Shiri, a creative artist who works in a widevariety of medias, including paintings, installations, resin art, most of which exhibit my thematic interest in bright colours, fluidity, organic patterns and mystical concepts. My art is mostly a visual translation of stories, poems, or mythological concepts from various cultures, and I like to dabble with numerous mediums to create and enhance the artworks I create. I try to personify my love for nature by preserving it in resin, making real floral jewellery and decor pieces.

I am also an art instructor and have conducted more than 100 workshops for various mediums in the last two years. Apart from that, I have displayed my work at various exhibitions.

Hello everyone, I am Kasturi and I never believed I was meant for a desk job. So, I decided to quit 9-6 bank job after a couple of months and decided to follow my passion in arts. I am in love with all things floral – designs and patterns. Watercolor is my favorite medium and I am fascinated about minimalistic. With limited adjectives, my work is best described as vibrant, floral and vivid. I undertake painting workshops and classes – both online and offline along with customized art works, selling paintings and digital prints. I love teaching basic, intermediate and advance level paintings.

If not sipping coffee or playing with my daughter, you’d find me drawing and doodling in one of my numerous diaries.

Hi, I am Swarna, from God’s own country, Kerala. I am an Interior Designer turned paper crafter. Since childhood, art and craft has always been my best friend and the idea to take crafting as a full time profession came into my mind in 2012. Itsy Bitsy plays a major role in that. I started with the art of paper quilling. I love to explore all types of art and crafts. I am fond of making mini albums, exploding gift boxes, pop up cards. I am very excited to be a part of the Itsy Bitsy Design team and am waiting to show you my creative side in the coming months.









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