Resin Geode Art Wall Hanging

Hello everyone!  here. I am back with another resin DIY. Thank you for making time to read this blog.

Today we will be making a resin geode wall hanging.

For this, we will need resin, alcohol inks, resin pigments, glass pieces, round MDF base, masking tape, white chalk paint, a measuring scale, a paper cup, a popsicle stick (I have used a plastic one here), screws, jump rings and chain.

Before starting with the DIY, please make sure to use safety gear when working with resin. Please use a respirator and gloves.

First, we will start with preparing the MDF base. We will paint it with white chalk paint. After it dries, we will seal the sides with a masking tape so that we don’t have any drips.

We will use a pen to mark where we would place the broken glass and to get a idea of the pattern of the geode art.

Next, we will mix the resin and hardener in the proportion of 2:1 using a measuring scale. I took the measurements in grams. I first pour the resin in the cup.

Next, I poured the hardener. Since it is a 2:1 ratio resin, the quantity of the hardener will be half the quantity of the resin.

After pouring both the resin and the hardener, mix it for 3 minutes and then let it sit for 1-2 minutes, so that the bubbles in the resin are released.

We will divide the resin into 4 parts for 4 different colours. We will mix blue pigment with 2 parts of the resin. For one of the blue parts, to make it a darker shade, we will add some of a blue alcohol ink.

The other 2 parts, we will mix gold and white resin pigments.

Place the MDF base on a little higher surface and make sure it is levelled.

We will first place the glass pieces on the MDF.

We will wait for some time to make sure the resin is thick enough, so that when we pour them on the MDF, they do not mix. Then we will pour the colours in the design that we want. The colours may mix a little.

We will use a blow torch to get rid of the surface bubbles.

Cover the piece with a tray and leave it to cure for 18-20 hours.

Next, we will remove the tape from the sides and paint the sides with gold.

After the sides are dry, we will add 2 screws to the sides. Then we will add the chain with the help of jump rings.

Your wall hanging is ready!

Do tag us if you make this at home!

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Products used in above DIY:


MDF base:

Chalk paint:

Resin Pigment(Blue):

Resin Pigment (White):

Resin Pigment(Gold):

Alcohol inks:

Masking tape:


Gold tint:

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