Resin Fridge Magnet – Smile

Hello everyone! Daisy here. I am back with another Resin DIY. Thank you for making time to read this blog.

Today we will be making a resin fridge magnet.

For this we will need resin, alcohol inks, round MDF base, masking tape, white chalk paint, a measuring scale, a paper cup, a popsicle stick (I have used a plastic one here), Itsy Bitsy handmade flowers, Mont Marte leafing glue, Gold foil sheet, silicon glue and magnetic sheet.

Before starting with the DIY, please make sure to use safety gear when working with resin. Please use a respirator and gloves.

Let’s get started!!

First, we will start with preparing the MDF base. We will paint it with white chalk paint. After it dries, we will seal the sides with masking tape so that we don’t have any drips.

Next, we will mix the resin and hardener in the proportion of 2:1 using a measuring scale. I will be taking the measurements in grams. First, I will pour the resin in the cup.

Next, I poured the hardener. Since it is a 2:1 ratio resin, the quantity of the hardener will be half the quantity of resin.

After pouring both the resin and the hardener, I mixedx it for 3 minutes and then let it sit for 1-2 minutes, so that the bubbles in the resin were released.                                                                                                                    

Then, I divided the resin in 2 parts for 2 different colors. I used alcohol inks as pigments here. I mixed one part with pink alcohol ink and the other part with orange alcohol ink. Then, I stirred it well so that the inks and resin were evenly mixed.

I placed the base on a little height and made sure it was levelled. I then poured the orange-coloured resin and then the pink-coloured resin on the other side making sure that the place where the 2 pigments meet has a good gradient.

I then used a blow torch to get rid of the bubbles on the surface. Let this dry for 18-20 hours.

Next, I used a pen and wrote the word “SMILE” at the center of the base.

I used leafing glue and traced the glue over the word “SMILE”.

Allowed it to dry for some time. After it became sticky, I placed the gold leaf over the word.

Let this sit for some time. Then I used a soft brush to remove all the excess gold foil.

Following this process, I added a topcoat of resin.

Thereafter, I used metallic tint for the edges of the MDF base.

Then, I used some silicon glue to add a few handmade flowers to the base.

For the final step, I took a magnetic sheet and cut it fitting the shape of the MDF base. I then glued it to the back of the MDF base.

My resin fridge magnet was ready!!

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Products used in above DIY:


Alcohol inks:

MDF base:

Handmade Flowers:

Chalk paint:

Masking tape:

Magnetic sheet:

Silicon glue:

Leafing glue:

Gold leaf:


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