Resin Coasters – Aqua Flora

Hello everyone,

Nivisha here! Today, I am back with another amazing idea for resin coasters. I named this set of coasters aqua-flora because they have various shades of cool blue and pretty flowers.

This time I made the coasters with a different style and using different things to accessorize my coaster.

Let’s begin

Materials required :

Little Birdie resin clear 500 ml

Little Birdie resin hardener 250 ml

These come in a pack together. I will attach the link below.

Paper cups

Ice cream sticks

Measuring cup

Handmade flowers

Sequins medley –  (Blue Dazzler)


The first step is always to make sure you clean your coaster moulds with the help of a tape as it helps in clearing the dust.


It’s now time to mix the clear resin with the resin hardener. The ratio for this one was 2:1. To make it easy, I used one small measuring cup for mixing, I poured the clear resin in the cup twice for ratio 2 and shifted it to a paper cup, then I added the hardener in the same cup once as it had the ratio of 1.

Make sure you mix both together for good 2 minutes. After mixing, let it sit for about a minute before you pour it in the mould.


Sprinkle some blue sequins all over on the mould.


It’s now time to place one flower in the centre of each coaster mould as shown below.


After you are done with the accessories, you can now begin to pour. When you pour make sure the flower submerges completely.


Remove bubbles if any with a toothpick, safety pin or a lighter.


Leave it for drying for 12 hours.

The final result!



  1. You can also add golden pigment to it.
  2. You can use gloves while working with it because it is very sticky
  3. you can use a different colour combination

Materials Used

I hope you all liked them!


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