Resin Coaster

Hello  Itsy Bitsy fans,

Rashida Yusufi here with you today to show you how to make a resin coaster using Little Birdie products.

These coasters can be used for cold as well as hot coffee and tea cups. These also look aesthetic as coffee table decor.

Materials used:

Little Birdie Resin.

Little Birdie Black, white, and gold pigments

Heat gun

Square silicone mould

Note: ( while doing resin art it’s important to wear gloves. Use plastic or silicon cup for mixing resin and wooden sticks for stirring the resin. Cover the surface with either plastic sheet or silicon mat. Measuring the resin in  2:1 ratio is important).

Step 1:

Add 52 gms of resin and 17 gms of hardener. Stir this mixture thoroughly for 5 minutes. Add equal of amounts of mixed resin in three separate cups for adding the pigments.

Step 2:

After adding pigments to each cup, pour the black resin first in the silicon mould, followed by gold resin. Add a thin layer of clear resin around the gold resin and then add white resin in any design you want. I did it in swirls.

Step 3:
Use heat tool to burst any bubble from the resin.
Step 4:
Leave the resin to dry for 24 hours in room temperature.
Products used:

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