Resin Coaster with Gold Foil

Hello everyone! Daisy here. Are you’ll excited to see what I have in store for you’ll today? Let’s get started

Today we will be making a coaster with resin and gold foil.

For this we will need resin, resin pigments, coaster mould, a measuring scale, a paper cup, a popsicle stick (I have used a plastic one here) and gold foil.

Before starting with the DIY, please make sure to use safety gear when working with resin. Please use a respirator and gloves.

First, we will mix the resin and hardener in the proportion of 2:1 using a measuring scale. I will be taking the measurements in grams. I will first pour the resin in the cup.

Next, I will pour the hardener. Since it is a 2:1 ratio resin, the quantity of the hardener will be half the quantity of resin.

After pouring both the resin and the hardener, mix it for 3 minutes and then let it sit for 1-2 minutes, so that the bubbles in the resin are released.

Divide the resin into 3 parts, One part we will leave as clear, one part orange and one part white.

Keep the resin to thicken for sometime. (around 30 mins)

Make sure to clean the mould using some tacky tape.

After that start with the center gold foil. Add a little clear resin to the center of the mould.

Then add the gold foil and break down the foil into smaller pieces.

Next, add the Orange near the edges of the mould.

After adding the orange, add more of the clear resin to the middle part.

Next, pour the white pigment in circles. Leave this to cure for 18 hours.

Thereafter, de-mould the piece after it has cured.

Your coaster is ready. You can make them in any colour of your choice.

Do tag us if you make this piece!

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Products used in above DIY:


Coaster Mould:

Resin Pigment (Orange):

Resin Pigment (White):

Gold leaf:

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